Profound understanding of civil society in Vietnam (Part 1)


Recently, many individuals, organizations, press and news agencies have paid much attention and commented on  the issue of civil society. International community regard civil society as a factor of modern society and civil society is actually not alien to our society.
Law of association rights under the Constitution in 2013 was not promulgated so far but it has been protected by many laws and by-laws. According to incomplete statistics, in our country there are 380 associations at nationwide or provincial level (compared to 115 in 1990); 18 branch unions, 6020 organization at local level and thousands of associations, clubs in all areas of society.
Civil society or more precise, the civil society organizations have the role of building community and supporting the State. The civil society organizations have been existing not only in capitalist society but also in socialism. In Vietnam, civil society imbued with cultural community, solidarity, mutual support and social consensus. The civil society organizations can play a positive role, is critical to the guidelines and policies of the state peacefully and responsibly. However, the reality in many countries around the world also shows that civil society organizations including political parties (not in the political system of the State) may also become a countervailing force to the State, be pivotal for the riots to topple society, even connecting to external hostile forces to war, harming national independence and national sovereignty.
Recently, the political upheaval in the Middle East and North Africa in late 2010 started from Tunisia then spread to Egypt, Israel, Yemen, Libya, Syria were intervened clearly by the roles of American and Western non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The radio stations, TV channels along with the opposition social and political organizations in those country provoked and led street protests becaming violent wave to overthrow the government. In the recent events in Ukraine, the political parties in essence being the civil society organizations also played a leading role. According to statistics, there are about 180 political parties in Ukraine. When protests becoming violence, for those who launched it even can not control the situation. The fascist organization, organization under extreme nationalism following this movement was born to lead mass movement.
Of course as they say: “All comparisons are lame”. There are differences between Ukraine in comparision with the Middle East and North Africa such as political parties instead of the civil society organizations, the overthrow of President and the Government instead of as such with dictatorial government in order to strengthen relations with the Western countries. However, the framework of organization, political maneuvers, slogans and methods of struggle of civil society organizations in these countries are almost similar: Regarding framework of organization, civil society organizations are usually created by characters have opposing political views, the “dissidents” are called “flag”. Regarding the political maneuvers often rely on state and international legal basis. About slogans and methods of struggle, the civil society organizations often claim their goals for the benefit of the people, the advancement of society and only acting in a “peaceful”, “non-violence” way. However, their activities in reality directly aimed at undermining credibility, attacking the socialist regime and the ruling party. At the same time they propagated democracy and human rights perspective of the Western countries despite the particular historical traditions, cultural and political circumstances and national legislation.
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Hùng Quân 4/4/14 14:03

I firmly believe that the terrorist organizations abroad seeking to develop civil society in Vietnam to serve their purpose Communist Party from inside Vietnam.

Vân Nhàn 4/4/14 14:07

This is a dangerous public form of struggle to ruine Vietnam'regime , if we are not vigilant we can make the enemy forces abusing civil society organizations and putting proposals to change the legislation of Vietnam.

Huy Lâm 4/4/14 14:13

It needs to be vigilant abot plots and the activities of these organizations for our national security .

Hoàng Lân 4/4/14 14:17

Our state should conduct program of propaganda conspiracy and the intentions of the enemy forces profiting civil society in order to transform the political system in Vietnam.

Lê Tín 4/4/14 14:20

The Party and State should promulgate guidelines and policy, build the legal system to regulate the activities of political organizations , social conformity with the country's direction.

Huy Quốc 4/4/14 14:23

It ia better to strengthen the management of organizations like this.

Quân Hoàng 4/4/14 14:26

If the civil society organizations are working for the goals of country's development and interests of the people, the government should support and encourage them.

Phạm Hiếu 4/4/14 14:31

In my opinion, civil society organizations are organizations of people, formed and developed strictly on the basis of laws and regulations,compling with these regulations .

Quốc Kiên 4/4/14 14:33

I look forward to reading part 2 of this article.

Quốc Cường 4/4/14 14:36

It should be firmly dealt with activities violating Vietnam laws of these organizations.

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