Endogenous strength to prevent “cultural invasion” (Part 2 and end)

Currently, a number of " virtual publishers have appeared on the Internet, specializing in publication of complex, sensitive, confused content to jam public information. Just looking at the name of the publisher such as “Arbitrary”, “Sidewalk”, “Scrap paper”, “Wind”, “Door”, “Our side”... we can realize well their intentions. Previously, if a book was published in the paper handed over readers more slowly. But now if a book is posted on the internet just a “click” can have the book in hand. The more sensitive and complicated contents of the book is, the more curious to readers especially young people it is. Those who do not have the bravery, lacking of political awarenes, unable to distinguish right - wrong, good - bad, true - false,... will be easily intoxicated with harmful thoughts. The danger of speeding tricks via “internet publishing activities” are shown clearly here.
Not only that, the external forces also take advantages of cooperative publishing route as through learning, workshops, investment, linking to establish contacts, entice, bribe some officials, editors (especially the oppotunists in order to depoliticize publishing. In 2013, Vietnam security agencies discovered an overseas organization funded 12,000 for an editor under “nominal collaborator” of a major publisher in our country for the purpose of writing and publication with bad intentions. In addition, a number of press agencies in overseas Vietnamese community also fund for those opportunities to publish reactionary books. In the country, a number of intellectuals, writers and artists have complex and extreme views have collected documents or self-created books, spread unhealthy works, even colluded with the hostile forces to publish works and spread on the internet, blogs, personal pages.
With the rapid development of information technology and internet services, the “cultural invasion” is happenning fiercely on the “flat world”. Bad information is polluting cultural environment and seriously invase idea security and national culture.
If a culture that “deficit” too large, the increasing risk of exotic culture is not difficult to understand . This is a very serious matter involving cultural status, national face of our country in the international arena. If we do not have the policies to build cultural industry strong enough to balance import - export of cultural products, the risk of foreign “cultural wave” invasion continues deeper into our country may lead to unpredictable consequences.
Culture is not an ordinary commodity. The real danger is the American perspective on culture whereby culture is also a regular commodity. We must fight against the increasing “commercialization” of human’s activities, do not for the American entertainment industry, which has gained political effect on their market, account for field notes of all the creative space of other cultures.

Facing to complicated situation in the world, the downside of globalization process especially fierce plots of the enemy forces on the field of culture - ideology, we must mobilize political systems at all levels and the entire society strengthenning internal fulcrum to make the stable position, strength and vitality of cultural Vietnam in the “flat world”. It is also effective measures to ensure that the values of our country can not be mixed, lost or assimilated before the danger of “cultural invasion”.
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Quân Hoàng 16/4/14 15:31

In the past 3 years ( 2011-2013) , the force functions of the Border Guard has discovered , seized 13,111 books, 4,955 documents, 5,174 VCD malicious content.

Huy Quốc 16/4/14 15:32

The number of abusive documents, harmful cultural customs service discovery, arrested in the past few years has been increasing.

Hoàng Lân 16/4/14 15:33

The situation of illegal transport of materials , toxic food culture in Vietnam is complicated movements.

Vân Nhàn 16/4/14 15:34

Cultural products have toxic contents attracting a great number of people, especially young. Many young people have adversed effects on thinking, lifestyle... without knowing it.

Hùng Quân 16/4/14 15:35

Trickle-down effect is that many projects massacre occurred, rejuvenate objects and more.

Lê Tín 16/4/14 15:36

The increase in youth crime has many causes, but according to psychologists, a major cause of post- disaster stems from a lot of harmful cultural products.

Quốc Cường 16/4/14 15:37

The introduction of massive, rampant online games, films, foreign genres in our country is one of the main reasons for making the part of young people suffering from illnesses.

Huy Lâm 16/4/14 15:38

Not only the film industry was weak, culture in our country is still infancy with poor products.

Quốc Kiên 16/4/14 15:38

This is a percentage difference showing the cultural industry of our country to be intimidated, weak integration in the world today.

Phạm Hiếu 16/4/14 15:39

If we do not have the policies to build cultural industry strong enough to balance import - export of cultural products, the risk of “cultural wave” continues deeper into our country may lead to unpredictable consequences.

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