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Since Vietnam was elected as a member of the UN Human Rights Council for the period 2014-2016 with the highest number of votes, the exile opposite organizations have been striving to find ways to distort the human rights situation in Vietnam. One of those is to spread the allegations "The State of Vietnam is using the popular language (the Kinh’s language) to manipulate the language of minorities"! But the vivid reality in Vietnam has denied this allegation wrong.
Consistent policy
In the past, Vietnam was the one that soon be assimilated by the invaders, so we  know the importance of the preservation of the cultural identity of peoples and always consistently implement policies to develop cultural unity in diversity. In Vietnam there are 54 ethnic groups living with the population of 90 million, the Kinh is major, and 53 ethnic minorities are more than 12 millions. The ethnic minorities of Vietnam are living from north to south, alternating residence, no ethics separated by region. This factor shows the harmony of the community of ethics has been long and becomes the historical and cultural character that creating favorable conditions for mutual understanding, solidarity and helping each other to develop.
About the conservation, development of minorities’ languages, the State of Vietnam always pays much attention in a proper way, through the implementation of right policies and solutions. Starting from very first documents of the 1st Congress Party (March1935) which confirmed: "The ethics have right to use their native language in politics, economics and culture." It must be emphasized, at the time when this document was issued, the Party was terrorized, but the Communist Party Vietnam has always focused on preserving the language of ethnic minorities.
Most recently, the Resolution of the 9th Central Conference (XI) prescribes "The construction and development of culture, and people of Vietnam is to meet the requirements of sustainable development of the country" and also "preserve and promote the cultural heritage of ethnic minorities, especially the voice, writing, costumes, traditional festivals."
Great achievements
When Vietnam was colonized by the French, on cultural forums in Vietnam, there were three languages (French, Vietnamese and Chinese) and four literature texts (French, Chinese and Han Nom). The policy of the French was to assimilate Vietnam into French language and culture. Every decision had made to serve for the ultimate aim was to make Vietnamese people use French voice, French words; the language of the ethnic minorities were neglected in the colonial government’s policies. Only since the Communist Party of Vietnam led people and took the power (August1945), the conservation and development of the language of the ethics has been ensured.
In Vietnam, besides newspapers in Kinh language, there are many provincial press agencies (where ethnic minorities are residing) has publications in languages of ethnic minorities or newspaper published exclusively for ethnic people. In particular, the Voice of Vietnam and Vietnam Television have one radio channel (VOV4) and 1 television channel (VTV5) specifically devoted to broadcast in several languages such as Hmong, Khmer, Ede, GiaRai, BaNa, Cham, Dao, M'Nong ... Dozens of provincial radio-television stations regularly broadcast programs in ethnic languages for ethic people living in their homeland.
According to the Committee of Ethnic Minorities, a lot of provinces have made program to teach ethnic language for students in secondary schools. So far, about 2,700 schools and ethnic language literacy classes have been set up for 140,000 students. Especially, in  Soc Trang province, Khmer language has been set to teach for the entire junior high school students.
According to scientists at the Institute of Linguistics of Vietnam, in approximately 6,500 existing languages in the world, only 300 to 400 languages are passed on to the next generation, the remaining language or not passed, or are l on the banks of the disappearance. Comparing this result, we can see the efforts and great achievements of Vietnam in the conservation, development of language minorities.
Developing the language of ethnic minorities is not only through cultural – educational policies, but it also need a basic policy to alleviate poverty for ethnic minorities that Vietnam are conducting and has been highly appreciated by the United Nations. The success of hunger eradication and poverty reduction is the basis for the minorities to develop, as the basis for the preservation and promotion of cultural traditions of their fathers. The policy of the Communist Party and State of Vietnam to the language of the minority is right and basic. It has met the requirements to solve the problems and develop the ethnic language in Vietnam in the process of national liberation, construction and defense of the Fatherland "./.
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Phạm Hiếu 6/12/14 15:15

Vietnam - Fatherland of many ethnic groups

Quốc Kiên 6/12/14 15:17

We are living in a peaceful house of Vietnam, we're brothers!

Huy Lâm 6/12/14 15:19

Ethnic groups together with children of Lac Long Quan - Au Co, who had birth of one hundred children, half of them went with the mother up to mountains and half went with the father down to sea, together expanding the mountains and rivers

Quốc Cường 6/12/14 15:21

Living for a long-standing period in the country, ethnic groups have traditions of patriotism and coordination in conquering the nature and social fight, throughout the history of country foundation, building and development.

Lê Tín 6/12/14 15:23

The voice of each ethnic group creates different languages, but due to Vietnamese ethnic groups live closely, one ethnic group may know languages of some others whom has regular relationship while their own culture character

Hùng Quân 6/12/14 15:24

Vietnam is a multi-nationality country with 54 ethnic groups.

Vân Nhàn 6/12/14 15:26

Each group has its own culture, diverse and special. Beliefs and religions of the Vietnamese ethnic minority groups were also disparate from each other

Hoàng Lân 6/12/14 15:27

a fundamental solidarity among ethnic groups has been established on top of this difference as a result of a century-long cooperation on the soil of Vietnam

Huy Quốc 6/12/14 15:29

Right in the first century of the history, a mutual supplement in economic relationship between lowland people and mountainous people was formed

Quân Hoàng 6/12/14 15:30

The Vietnamese government has worked out specific policies and special treatments in order to help mountainous people catching up with lowland people, and made great efforts to develop and preserve traditional cultural identities of each ethnic minority group

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