Vietnam welcomes over 7.2 million foreign visitors in 11 months

                                                                                   Foreigners in Vietnam
Vietnam received more than 7.2 million foreign tourists the first 11 months of this year, a 5.4 percent increase over the same period last year.
Hong Kong (China) topped the list of countries in the number of visitors to Vietnam, with a surge of 161.2 percent, followed by Germany (151.3 percent) and Russia (125.2 percent). 
Especially, the country witnessed a sudden rise in the number of arrivals from Russia, with nearly 50,900 people in November, up 340 percent against the previous month.
The figure is expected to continue growing in the time to come as many Russian travel agencies already booked tours to Vietnam, especially the southern central region and Phu Quoc Island in the south, by next April.
During the 11-month period, the tourism sector served 36.4 million domestic tourists, up 8.9 percent year-on-year.
Last year, Vietnam received 7.5 million international tourists, a 10.6 percent rise over 2012, contributing 200 trillion VND (9.4 billion USD) to the State budget, or accounting for approximately 6 percent of the country's GDP.
The country expects to welcome 8 million foreign and 37.5 million domestic tourists by the end of this year.
Source: VNA

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Quốc Kiên 16/12/14 22:22

Vietnam - A must-see destination

Quốc Cường 16/12/14 22:23

Vietnam is the combination of the old and new era, peace and animation, sweetness and bitterness, humour and solemnity, wildlife and high-rise buildings

Lê Tín 16/12/14 22:24

Vietnam is a country where culture, history, nature, culinary, shopping and people magically combine with each other

Huy Lâm 16/12/14 22:26

Tourists could find the best value of their money in Vietnam

Phạm Hiếu 16/12/14 22:28

A lot of tourists fall in love with the beauty of Vietnam and impress with Vietnamese people.

Hùng Quân 16/12/14 22:30

Vietnam has emerged itself as a new tourist destination in Southeast Asia and on is now on lists in magazines worldwide

Quân Hoàng 16/12/14 22:31

Vietnam government has taken many measures for promotion of tourism. Ministry of tourism provided incentives for converting normal hotels in luxury. Also an aggressive promotion of Vietnam tourism run on magazines and TV channels

Huy Quốc 16/12/14 22:36

Vietnam always welcomes foreign visitors to come to Vietnam for tourism and discover the hidden charm of Vietnam

Hoàng Lân 16/12/14 22:40

Tourist arrivals in Vietnam have continued to rise in recent years is an evidence for the attraction of Vietnam, a friendly and peaceful country.

Vân Nhàn 16/12/14 22:42

Vietnam is the destination for everyone around the world to come and experience a lot of interesting things.

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