Liars will certainly fail!

After pummeling of “petition campaign” to call “priority human rights issues in Vietnam” and promulgate for restricting the Vietnamese American to send money to Vietnam”,… Recently, some people have made fanfare about the so-called “hearing on human rights of Vietnam by German Parliament”! So what is the truth about the “hearing”?
Among the important activities in the German Parliament, there are two activities were noted before the vote in committee hearings and debates in Congress. In particular, a problem that has been given a hearing or not, it depends on many factors. According to documents dated on November 4, 2014 along with the previous and following day, there was not any hearing at the Human Rights Commission of the German Parliament on “Human Rights in Vietnam” in general or the “blogger Mr Ba Sam” in particular. There is no reason why a hearing held in the National Assembly of German that the press did not know excepting RFI, RFA and Mr. Vu Quoc Dung? The disclosure of information about an untrue event whether the error of terms or from deliberated creation? Those who living in Germany interested in Vietnam all know that for decades, Mr. Vu Quoc Dung has ever published several critical articles of the State of Vietnam in German and Vietnamese. As a proficient person in German as Mw. Dung, it was difficult to commit errors when writing language, answering in the press or interview (unless deliberately confusing to achieve their own purposes). Even the fact that posting photos taken with a German deputies could not say anything because it was simply that the pictures did not provide relevant information about the hearing. Thus, What did they trumpet the un true event for?
In the middle Octorber 2014, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and Government delegation of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam visited Belgium, Germany, Italy and Vatican intervention. As mass media of many countries reported the talks, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung did not dodge the issue was to be “sensitive” such as human rights and democracy. Speaking at the Institute of Korbe in Germany, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung stressed: “Human rights, freedom and democracy are the natural needs of mankind. Vietnam is no exception. The Government of Vietnam is trying to build the State of law and market economy institutions towards ensuring freedom for all citizens in all areas. All these objectives are clearly stated in the Constitution”. On Octorber 15, 2014, the German Parliament published a press release titled National Assembly President Lammert: Vietnam continues democratic development. According to the message, chairman of the German Parliament expressed his expectation that Vietnam continues to grow not only in economy but also in the structure of democracy and the rule of law.
What Vu Quoc Dung and his colleagues in the group so-called “network of human rights defenders” in Germany, self-named VETO (!) will have no influence in the national movement and organizations against Vietnam. They would be surely fail as the anti-communist groups of Vietnamese Americans when they continued sending “petition” to ask the White House and all that but the best results were only to be in contact with several officiasl in the White House then all quickly curtained and felt into oblivion just a few days later. In fact, with what is happening over time and ensure sufficient basis for judgments about the failure of the activities carried out by Vu Quoc Dung. It is the recognition of the international community for the tremendous achievements that the Communist Party, State and people of Vietnam have achieved in the comprehensive reform of the country, gradually raise the entire population lives; the leaders of the Party and State of Vietnam were warmly welcomed in many countries, leaders of many countries in the world visited Vietnam; a lot of agreements of economic, cultural cooperation between Vietnam and countries around the world.
About the human rights issue, over time, although some people urgently implemented the campaign, organized press conferences, symposia, seminars, or even sponsor a few people from Vietnam to Europe to promote propaganda, tried to distract those who do not fully grasp or do not understand the achievements of human rights in Vietnam so that they  would not vote for Vietnam. However, they were still fail because it can not prevent the Vietnam became a member of the UN Human Rights Council in term 2014 - 2016. They failed because the international public opinion and governments around the world have realized the deception in the operation against for, in spite of the truth of them. They failed because of the truth, the truth never belong to them.
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Quân Hoàng 17/12/14 15:40

"Peaceful evolution" is an important part of hostile forces’ global counter-revolutionary strategy aimed at combating socialist nations and movements for national independence in a concerted and complicated manner.

Huy Quốc 17/12/14 15:41

Peaceful evolution finds its way into all aspects of political, ideological, economic, cultural and social affairs by all means.

Hoàng Lân 17/12/14 15:42

The "peaceful evolution" strategy mainly consists of "non military" measures but it can be reinforced with rebellion, subversion, armed intervention and even invasion if opportunities permit.

Vân Nhàn 17/12/14 15:43

In the whole scheme of peaceful evolution, the media, particularly including the press, of the enemy play an important part in opposing Vietnam.

Hùng Quân 17/12/14 15:44

Over the past years, hostile forces have established nearly 40 TV and radio stations to broadcast special Vietnamese-language programmes and have published almost 50 newspapers, magazines and news bulletins in Vietnamese overseas.

Lê Tín 17/12/14 15:44

Serving as a sharp tool in the ideological struggle, the Vietnamese press has constantly criticised hostile viewpoints to rectify the deviated tendencies in Party members and other sections of the population.

Quốc Cường 17/12/14 15:45

In recent times, the Vietnamese press has made positive contributions to the fight against peaceful evolution.

Huy Lâm 17/12/14 15:49

it regularly and timely rejects the enemy’s biased and slanderous allegations and lays bare their dark moves behind important events.

Quốc Kiên 17/12/14 15:51

all press agencies are active in combating the enemy’s scheme of peaceful evolution in different ways, from laying bare their wicked moves behind hot events to attacking the weaknesses of the capitalist society, from coping with their criticism to systemically putting forward the Party and State’s leading viewpoints on such major issues as freedom, democracy, human rights, ownership, multi-sectoral and socialist-oriented economy.

Quốc Kiên 17/12/14 15:51

If we, media workers, are well prepared and highly combative, we will certainly smash the enemy’s scheme of peaceful evolution.

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