Inextricable problem for the Middle East


Although “Arab Spring” in the Middle East is off but its worst consequences and the inherent crisis cause of this area continues to undergo a dangerous turbulent year. The emergence and rise of Islamic State (IS) with an ambition to set Sultanate, pushing the region deeper into the quagmire of conflict, violence and division.
The crisis in Syria due to the “Arab Spring” movement has made a chance for IS to rise. It has never seen borders between countries in the region become so fragile and extremes of thought to dominate as current situation in hot spot of conflicts. It is not only the cross-border attack, the operational phase of the free movement by IS through border between Iraq and Syrian without any hindrance due to the paralysis of government forces. But it is more dangerous when extremist Islamic ideology spread by IS is extending in the region, even all over the world. There have been dozens of other extremist organizations in the region and worldwide to volunteer under the black flag of IS, sowing the seeds of incalculable instability. The neighboring regions such as Turkey, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia... have seen concerns before the impact of IS on the political situation and security in their country.
The introduction of the IS is being said to originated in ethnic and religious conflicts in the Middle East. But more seriously, the growth of IS is liable to make inherent racial conflict in this area more tense and bloody and provoke extreme factors to rise. Coming from the Sunny Muslim who were anti-government of Syria, the IS  gunmen not only plunge into the killings to other tribes but also fight  brutally for ambition of occurpying territories, extending occupied territory from Syria to neighboring areas. The ultimate goal of IS is to establish a pure Islamic state and apply Sharia law primarily in the area. But this grand ambition is unacceptable and not to mention the radical and secular Islamists never accept the dictatorship and the draconian laws. Thus Middle East is even harder to break the cycle of ethnic and religious conflicts.
However, beside subjective factors caused by the political unrest and internal conflicts in the region, the intervention of the major powers to compete for influence and appropriation of economic interests in the region in a prime location l such as the Middle East also contributed to make the situation more troubled in this area.
For dealing with the IS, people hope the decision of the President Obama does not fall into the mistakes in the history of foreign military intervention by the US in the Middle East. Although it is reduced to airstrikes to targets of IS in Iraq and Syria but US military alliance against IS with stronger solutions in the context of the current limited military campaign military do not bring expected results. Even if this case is true, there will be no prospect for the region because of the excessive interference not only in military but also in politics conducted by Washington has shown the valuable lesson as in the case of Iraq.
Today, although the United States has insisted the fight against IS is to eradicate terrorism, for the humanitarian goals such as anti-war crimes, ethnic cleansing and protecting people from the risk of extinction but the goodwill of Washington is inevitably suspected. Obviously, because the US is not easy to ignore economic benefits in the oil fields and political goals could not be hidden in this area. Therefore, every actions of US military in the region are now tied with the ultimate goal is to protect the interests of Washington.
In addition, the division of the actions among the international community against IS in the Middle East is making the issue more standstill. The situation is perceived to be better if the United States and other relevant countries can engage in joint efforts to stabilize the region. However, in the highlighted crisis in the areas related to IS over the last time, there were many overlapped agendas and competition between countries that could not find a common denominator.
Late painter, it was clear from the IS. The deadlock in the nuclear issue in Iran is always threatening to make the region into a new crisis at any time. But the consequences of the stalled peace process between Palestine and Israel and have paid with blood and tears.
Conflicts and crises occur constantly  all make future of The Middle East is increasingly uncertain.

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