Russia changes military doctrine to cope with the new situation


Last September, Russian President Vladimir Putin assigned the senior officials of the government and the military to draft a new military doctrine to cope with the modern military challenges and constantly changing global politics . While the deadline for completion of this doctrine is the end of this year, the initial information has gradually been revealed.
No pre-emptive nuclear attack
Russian Defense Ministry said that the draft of the new military doctrine do not mention the ability to pre-emptive nuclear attack. “The draft of the new military doctrine does not have permissions to conduct pre-emptive nuclear strikes against potential enemies. Article 198 of this document accurately determine the conditions to allow Russia to use nuclear weapons”, an official involved in the process of drafting answered in The Interfax on December 10. The draft of new doctrine clearly defined the cases to use strategic nuclear weapons. Specifically, this weapon will be used if the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia threatened.
Meanwhile, when answered reporters in 2013, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the defense industry Dmitry Rogozin said that Russia would use nuclear weapons if it is attacked. Mr. Dmitry Rogozin further explained that, the ability to serve as a major deterrent to those who potentially provoke and attack. “We never underestimate or eliminate the importance of nuclear weapon - the weapon of deterrence, retaliation and rebalancing effective power”, he said.
Current military doctrine of Kremli passed in 2010 has also no provisions for pre-emptive nuclear attack. This theory stipulates: “The Russian Federation has the right to use nuclear weapons in response to attacks by nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction in the territory of Russia or Russia’s allies. Nuclear weapons can also be used in case of an attack by conventional weapons threat to the survival of the Russian Federation”.
The new military doctrine draft of Russia specifies the Russian President who made the final decision on the opening of a nuclear attack. According to RIA Novosti, the Russian military has repeatedly proposed right to emptive strike by the country's nuclear potential aggression or military bloc but the new military doctrine draft of Russia does not have much choice as such. The new military doctrine will also consider the situation of the sustainable development of the Arctic, where huge oil and gas is reserves.
Change for NATO?
Shortly after Kremli announced updated military doctrine, experts in Russia simultaneously voiced that NATO factors (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) should be defined the threat to the security of Moscow. The changes of Russian military doctrine do not create too much anxiety in public opinion. That is one of the needed measures currently to curb and neutralize the danger of military action by countries on the other side of the Atlantic. And it is really necessary for Russia to maintain a solid position in the international arena.
“These challenges show that the current military doctrine should be made further clear and precise, Adjar Kurtov - the Institute of Strategic Studies, Russia commented on Voice of Russia.
Sharing the same view, Associate ProfessorAnatoly Tsiganok) at the University of Moscow said that the growing threat from NATO should be reflected in the new doctrine: “There is an urgent need to adjust the military doctrine, our material seems too optimistic peace-loving than the current context. We were faced with the direct threat of using force; it should be reflected in the policy document”.
In fact, Mr Mikhail Popov, Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council also confirmed the update of the Russian military doctrine is to respond to threats such as the expansion of NATO, plans for a missile shield of the US. “Many high-ranking officials of the West say that NATO does not consider Russia as an enemy and never attack Russia. However, whether it be true? The actions in recent years reflect the completely different things, RIA Novosti quoted Mikhail Popov’s statement.
Voice of Russia informed that the contents of new military doctrine will mention “the new military threats related to the Arab Spring events, military conflict in the Syrian, the situation in Ukraine and around the country”. The updated military doctrine also affects the independence of Russia in the production of weapons, ammunition and other military equipment.
Despite Western sanctions related to the crisis in the Ukrainian and world oil price decline that troubled Russian economy, Russia has decided to maintain or even continue to increase military spending at the huge response to security threats and adverse effects from new geopolitical situation.

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Phạm Hiếu 18/12/14 12:29

Russian military actions since 1991 have brought debate and speculation to the international community regarding Russian designs toward the "near abroad," the states which formerly constituted the Soviet Union.

Quốc Kiên 18/12/14 12:30

Largely, the question of Russia's intent in these theaters has been ignored or handled in a cursory manner.

Huy Lâm 18/12/14 12:31

Currently, there exists few means at the disposal of scholars to determine exactly what Russian military philosophy is and how that philosophy relates to foreign policy in general.

Quốc Cường 18/12/14 12:31

Perhaps the best tool to date for this purpose is the Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation. Environmental Influences on the Drafting of the Military Doctrine of 1993

Lê Tín 18/12/14 12:32

Since its conception, the Russian Federation (RF) has had to cope with a number of political realities. These realities, whether understood immediately, or through trial and error, are foundational in the RFs quest for nationhood.

Quân Hoàng 18/12/14 12:33

One of the most pressing elements in all of Eurasia is the necessity to achieve international security.

Huy Quốc 18/12/14 12:34

In addressing this and many other defense related issues, the RF drafted its first military doctrine early in 1992. This doctrine was dually influenced by the Russian Liberals and "hawks" within governmental circles.

Hoàng Lân 18/12/14 12:35

The current military doctrine of the Russian Federation is essentially a political statement establishing the mission of the Russian armed forces in the post-Soviet world in which NATO and the United States' nuclear arsenal no longer poses a major threat to Russia, and in which the armed forces no longer support "progressive" revolutions in distant countries.

Vân Nhàn 18/12/14 12:36

This new doctrine, while similar to its predecessor in a number of ways, did differ substantially.

Hùng Quân 18/12/14 12:36

With the adoption of the new military doctrine, a policy of radical transformation of the armed forces has been undertaken, the goal of which is to advance them to a new level of quality. …

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