"The political stability has brought peace and prosperity for Vietnam"

             The leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam is the key for the country's development

With the strategy of "peace process", the hostile forces has been planning and acting against the Communist Party of Vietnam and the State Socialist Republic of Vietnam in an attempt to make political situation in Vietnam instable. This is the "lesson" that the hostile forces and other enemy forces have spent a lot of time and effort to "study" from the political conflicts, which have occurred in a number of countries and territories around the world in recent years. However, in deed, no need to spend too much time for researching, analyzing, we can see clearly that: the political instability is deeply "originated" from the political power struggle; conflicts of interest between the parties or even internal ruling party. Consequently, the political instability hasn’t caused only great impact on the economic development of every country, but also a lot of pain and misery for the people. In countries or territories that does not have the political stability, the most severe sufferer is the people - the working class in society.
The enemy and hostile forces have been focusing on the aim of eliminating the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam to the State of Vietnam and Vietnam’s society. They want to eliminate the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam by conducting psychological warfare attacks, distorted policies and guidelines of the Party, laws of the State; taking advantage of the limitations and weaknesses in the management of society and the pressing issues in people's lives in order to entice, provoke instability in the society. They want to change perceptions, thoughts, emotion of the people in negative ways, with the labels, such as "financial support"; "humanitarian assistance" to incite the social discontents to post distorted and offensive notes on the Internet against local committees, governments with very high levels of remuneration... In general, the hostile forces have been focused on taking advantage of the limited awareness the disappointment and the greed of the people in order to cause political instability and doubts about the position, role, social leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, gradually lowering the role of the Party, denying the truth history and finally to remove the leadership of the Party of Vietnam to society, thereby changing political regimes, in order to create political opportunities and benefits for themselves not for majority of the society.
Referring to the position and role of political stability for the development of the country, recently, attending the 5th Asia Development Forum, in Hanoi, Chairman of Asian Development Bank (ADB) Takehiko Nakao has appreciated the political stability and the stability of macroeconomics in Vietnam. He said that it is conditional, a solid basis for Vietnam to achieve economic growth and high growth uniformity. From the achievements of economic development which rooted in political stability, President Asian Development Bank hopes Vietnam will grow at 5.6% in 2014, and even more in the coming years.
We do not deny the limitations, weaknesses still exist today. The limitations and weaknesses both in economic development, people's living conditions, even in Party and political system building, building social staffs have been seen clearly and candidly pointed out by the Party. Recognizing the limitations and shortcomings of social life, the Party, State and Congress has issued many guidelines, policies and specific solutions to fix it. These guidelines and solutions showed very high political determination of the entire Party and the political system, committees, governments at all levels to remove and gradually limit the defects, weaknesses that affecting the stability and development of social life.
Through acknowledging the position, role and importance of maintaining political stability; achievements and political determination of the Party, each Party, members, social staffs and each people can carefully and objectively analyses facts, phenomena occurring in social life to have a resolution or appropriate treatment. The Communist Party of Vietnam is not afraid cons, it promote all the people to participate in building the Party, building a strong political system in the fight against violations of the law, social evils, waste and corruption. So, each person in society must set the highest goals in dealing with the problems in our lives is the comprehensive development of the country, for the sake of entire nation.
Political stability, the foundation for the development of the country, is the thing that each of us needs to realize and take the right and wise action. Political stability can only be built on a solid foundation of people's confidence in the leadership of the Party; the management and administration of the State. Political stability is also the "remedy" to effectively eradicate the bad and toxic "virus" of the enemy forces, which are spreading through the guise of "democracy", "human rights "... the strategy of "peace process", that they have been aggressively implementing over time./.
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Phạm Hiếu 3/12/14 22:03

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia

Lê Tín 3/12/14 22:05

Due to political stability, the country has achieved an annual GDP growth rate of approximately 7% to 7.5% in recent years and is forecast to achieve 6.9% on average in the next five years

Quốc Kiên 3/12/14 22:07

Vietnam has maintained its macro-economic policy for 20 years, in which it has reduced public debt and the inflation rate, ensuring a balance budget and controlling the amount of currency in circulation

Quốc Cường 3/12/14 22:08

Political stability is one of the main factors that has helped Vietnam pursue its economic development policy

Hùng Quân 3/12/14 22:10

Since 1990, most other regional countries, except Singapore, have experienced coup d’etats or political crises. Meanwhile Vietnam has achieved political stability – a factor that enable Vietnam go ahead with its renewal process.

Huy Lâm 3/12/14 22:11

Despite such significant achievements Vietnam is still facing a lot of challenges ahead

Vân Nhàn 3/12/14 22:13

Viet Nam's political stability, administrative reform and its efforts in upgrading infrastructure facilities are the advantages which help attract foreign investors to the country,

Huy Quốc 3/12/14 22:15

The political stability also contribute to ensure human rights in Vietnam

Hoàng Lân 3/12/14 22:19

While global conditions are affecting it to varying degrees, Vietnam counts on political stability and a highly motivated workforce to continue attracting foreign investment.

Quân Hoàng 3/12/14 22:21

A 'stable in politics' Vietnam will contribute actively to the regional and global peace and prosperity.

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