Freedom must be placed within the framework of law

Recently, on some social networking sites, there are some people who proclaim themselves as "freedom lovers", "freedom loving group." They say freedom in Vietnam is limited. Maybe they do not know or deliberately do not know about the nature of true freedom in every countries that is always be placed within the framework of the law;. In Vietnam, the true freedom of the people is respected and protected by law.
Today, almost countries around the world are organized by lawful model. The essence of a lawful state is the rule of law. Law is effective state’s managing tool, it creates a legal framework for social-economic development and ensures the freedom of the citizen. The freedom of citizens in a lawful state is guaranteed by law. And people living in a lawful state are free within the framework of the law.
Referring to the freedom of human beings, the European Convention on Human Rights provided that: "The implementation of the freedom rights, including the obligations and responsibilities, forms, conditions, restrictions or punitive measures that must be specified in all legislative documents and takes into account the need for a democratic society, the interests of national security, territorial integrity, maintaining public order, crime prevention and protection of health and morals, dignity or honor of humans, preventing disseminating confidential information or to ensure the power and independence of the judiciary ". Thus, the exercise of freedoms and restrictions are specified in the legislation of each country. Every country always needs to take their actual situation into making laws to specify the implementation of citizens’ rights of freedom.
Under the US Constitution, the Supreme Court is allowed to give legislative sanctions when the press discovered behavior of destruction, insults, slander to State, society and individuals. So, every year hundreds of documents of different sizes are being issued by Supreme Court for operating and controlling the press in the United States.
There is really no country in the world that considers the freedom of human beings is absolute. If it’s absolute, the society will be chaotic with shooting, looting, raping freely... The freedom of each person in every country is limited in the legal framework.
The State of Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a socialist legitimate state of the people, by the people and for the people. The freedom of people in the territory of Vietnam is guaranteed by the laws of Vietnam. The rights of freedom and democracy of Vietnamese people are increasingly being extended in accordance with international law. The 2013 Constitution has elevated the human rights institutions, civil rights in a chapter. Compared with many other countries’ constitutions, our 2013 Constitution has a high number of human rights, including freedom. This progress has been recognized by many international scholars.
Deploying and specifying the content of the new Constitution that relating to human rights, in order to further improve the freedom in the framework of the civil law, our State is urgently building some new bill such as Referendum Law, Law of Grouping, Law of Demonstration, Law of Accessing Information...
As we can see, in our country the freedom of the people have been respected and guaranteed by the State in the framework of the Constitution and the law.

In recent time, some people had been using social networks and other forms of information to distort the truth, against the State and the people and were finally punished by law. But there were still some opinions on social networks that the punishment is a violation of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion... and harshly condemned the Article 258 of the Criminal Code and required to abort this Article.
It should be confirmed that the Article 258 of the Criminal Code is entirely consistent with the "1966 International Convention on Civil and Political Rights". The Article 258 of the Criminal Code provides abusive behavior of democracy to infringe upon the interests of the State, the rights and legitimate interests of organizations and citizens that shall be subject to warning, non-custodial rehab or imprisonment. This legislation is to implement the rights and freedoms of citizens under the law, avoiding some bad people using of "freedom" to carry out dark purposes, affecting security of society. If the Article 258 is discarded as wills of the "freedom lovers", "freedom loving groups" the society will not exist in order and will be messing with slander, lies…
Obviously, the perfect institutions, further expanding the democratic liberties of the people, building a perfect socialist state with rule of law are still goals of our struggle. Yet, despite the maximum extension, the freedom must be put in the framework of the law./.

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