UN Women continues supporting Vietnam to close the gap on gender equality (Part 1)


In recent years, Vietnam has made significant progress in reforming the legal system to promote gender equality.
Gender equality is not only a fundamental human rights but also brings great contribution to the socio-economic success. Enhancing rights for women to energize the economy to develop and improve productivity and growth. However, gender inequality still exists deeply in every society. Women lack opportunity to approach decent work and face the situation of discrimination and occupational gender inequality in wages. Women are often denied access to education and basic health care. Women all over the world are affected by violence and discrimination. They have not been involved much in the process of decision-making in political and economic issues. UN Women was formed to address such challenges.
In Vietnam, UN Women supported the Government to implement its commitments to eliminate discrimination for women and girls, enhance rights for women towards achieving equality between women and men in their roles as partners and beneficiaries of development. UN Women give technical advice and support for the Government to implement policies and programs that promote leadership and participation of women in decision-making processes at all levels; prevent and effectively response to violence with women and girls in family and public areas; boost economic rights of women by accessing to social services, resources and opportunities for decent work; assistance in planning and allocating appropriate resources for the promotion of gender equality at national level.
The Government of Vietnam has carried out the review of the implementation of the Beijing Action Program in Vietnam. UN Women supports this operation, namely in expanding opportunities for non-government partners and civil society organizations working in the field of gender equality and raising rights for women to participate in giving ideas to the Government.
The review confirmed that Vietnam has made remarkable achievements for women and girls. Relating to Development Index, Vietnam has removed most of gender disparities in accessing to primary and secondary education. Today more and more girls go to school. The outstanding achievements in improving the health care of maternity and health care services are more consistent, especially health care before giving birth and maternal mortality rate is significantly reduced. Vietnam is one of the countries in Asia where the highest number of seats held by women in Parliament, the second-highest number of women in the CEO position in ASEAN (6.71%). The participation of the female labor force is high at 73%, which means that there are more Vietnamese women in some types of work than most countries in the world.

Vietnam has also achieved many standards of gender equality in recent years. Law on Gender Equality and Law on Domestic Violence Prevention were adopted in 2006 and 2007. The implementation of gender equality legislation is through the National Strategy on Gender Equality 2011-2020 and the National Action Plan for Gender Equality 2011-2015. Labor Law amended in 2012 is also added more new rules to ensure equality and anti-discrimination, protecting the rights of women in labor. The highlight amendments of this law include the prohibition of sexual harassment, extending maternity to 6 months, officially recognize home-servant as a trade and are equally paid. Another point worth noting is also the Social Insurance Law passed last year to support the interest of maternity for fathers although this time is very short. Encouraging men and women to share housework is an important step to strengthen the capacity to take on a greater role for women in the economy and society at large scale... (To be continued)
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Huy Quốc 3/3/15 19:23

the JPGE aimed to improve the capacity of national and provincial authorities and other duty bearers to effectively implement, monitor and evaluate the Law on Gender Equality and the Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control.

Vân Nhàn 3/3/15 19:25

awareness and understanding of the two laws has increased among officials from state management agencies, line ministries and mass organizations.

Lê Tín 3/3/15 19:26

knowledge on ways to implement, monitor, evaluate and report on these two laws has also improved.

Phạm Hiếu 3/3/15 19:28

the capacity of officials to mainstream gender into their work has been strengthened.

Quốc Kiên 3/3/15 19:29

In addition, increased data on gender is now available from the population and housing census.

Huy Lâm 3/3/15 19:30

Over the past three years, I have seen Viet Nam make impressive achievements in gender equality.

Quốc Cường 3/3/15 19:31

However, there are still important gender differences hindering many women, men, girls and boys in Viet Nam from reaping the full benefits of economic and social development and harnessing their fullest individual potential

Hùng Quân 3/3/15 19:32

For the UN in Viet Nam, gender equality is a key priority and the One Plan for 2012-2016 recognizes this.

Hoàng Lân 3/3/15 19:33

Over the next five years, the UN will invest around USD 40 million in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment

Quân Hoàng 3/3/15 19:34

The achievements from the Joint Programme on Gender Equality need to be sustained and further applied to the provincial and community levels so that all women and men, whether from urban or rural areas, or from majority or minority ethnic groups, can enjoy life under the same conditions of equality and non-discrimination.

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