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Everyone has own view of happiness but the most common is fulfillment. For every nation, happiness first is independent and freedom. With all of humanity, it is equality, charity, harmonious development and sustainability. Minimum level for happiness icludes food, clothing, housing and as much rich as possible but it is not enough. To be living in a clean and healthy natural environment and society is to meet the needs of the spirit that is more important.
The massive development of science and technology has been led to technocratic trend, growth run of  economy at all costs or power struggle for dominance so that wars are constant and increasingly brutal, becoming a threat to human happiness.
In 1987, the British Financial Times criticized the slow economic development in Bhutan, the king of this country answered: “The total national happiness is more important than the total gross domestic product”. The idea of ​​Bhutan made the UN choose the annual March 20, when the sun is on a horizontal solar equator, night time and day time are equal - the symbol for harmony balance, as the International Day of happiness.
Vietnam is one of 193 countries committed to implementing the International Day of happiness, 2015 is the second year Vietnam celebrates this day.
To remention Bhutan - the country proposed International Day of happiness and applied the happiness index, we can see the four elements that make up the happiness of this country are sustainable development, environmental protection, cultural preservation and good leadership.
Bhutan is a small country with the tough natural conditions (at an altitude of 1,000m to 7,000m). Its an agricultural country with no rail, only one airport with one airline. This country has just used television and internet since 1999. Per capita income is less than $ 2,000 but the children go to school free of charge and fed, no theft and murder, forest green cover over 60% of the area, the natural and cultural history is preserved almost intactly, the king and the leaders live in harmony and friendly with people. A social survey said 97% of people in Bhutan feel happy and very happy. The fact shows that abundant wealth and modern facilities are only happiness. If we are slaves to comfort and wealth, we will never go to an end even alienation and become evil by the comfort and wealth. Looking into some wealthy families today, we see young people pay much attention to computer, smartphone..., they rarely ask after their parents’ health.
Vietnam is highly appreciated by the international organization, which has a leading indicator of happiness. This could reflect the good traditions of our nation and superiority of the Vietnamese regime. However, we still cope with many challenges and suffer from the scourge of economic overheating, the disregard of cultural expression... Natural environment is destroyed seriously; social ethics is degraded. Life and Vietnam Communist Party teaches us that, to look into the truth, tell the truth so that change the circumstances and make life better and more beautiful.

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Huy Quốc 25/3/15 21:09

In 2012, Vietnam came second in the New Economics Foundation’s Happy Planet Index (HPI)

Vân Nhàn 25/3/15 21:10

Those countries near the top of the index seem to be largely middle income, tropical, and have a lot of beaches. Some good reasons to be cheerful but it led me to wonder: is Vietnam really that happy?

Lê Tín 25/3/15 21:11

81 percent of people felt Vietnam was heading in the right direction, with 87 percent expecting the economy to be stronger in five years time.

Quốc Kiên 25/3/15 21:11

Vietnamese were getting rapidly richer, more connected, and more mobile. Poverty had fallen quickly and consumer goods were increasingly available. The country had all the buzz of an Asian Tiger, a young, positive population going places.

Phạm Hiếu 25/3/15 21:12

a happy people living at one with their environment wouldn’t be the first thought that came to mind for those scanning recent international reporting on Vietnam.

Huy Lâm 25/3/15 21:13

Urban anxiety certainly seems to be on the rise in Vietnam.

Quốc Cường 25/3/15 21:14

Only two-thirds of urban residents surveyed thought their jobs were safe and people were saving much harder

Hùng Quân 25/3/15 21:15

The analysis of happiness is in its early days with data limitations – the survey only interviews heads of households – but with responses from over 2,700 rural households from 12 provinces in Vietnam there are already some interesting results.

Hoàng Lân 25/3/15 21:16

Findings indicate that 52 percent of Vietnamese are very or quite pleased with their lives against 48 percent who say they are not.

Quân Hoàng 25/3/15 21:17

the factor that gave the biggest boost in the numbers of very or quite happy responses among Vietnamese rural householders is membership of the Communist Party.

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