New working style in Vietnam's politics

                                      The Facebook Fanpage of Minister of Ministry of Health

Recently, there have been some Party and State’s leaders who’re using facebook as a channel to support the management and administration. The reaction of public is very good, people spend much praise for a new working style, but there are also a lot of different opinions...
On February 28, the Minister of Ministry of Health, Ms Nguyen Thi Kim Tien had officially announced and confirmed that the Fanpage ( is the only official Facebook Fanpage of the Minister of Ministry of Health. Talking to the press, the Minister said: "By setting up Facebook Fanpages, I want to hear thoughts, demands and even frustrations, initiatives on disease prevention, health care for people. Besides I want to share with people the guidelines, policies and activities and the difficulties, hardship of the health sector to draw sympathy from people, so everyone can share and accompany with us. Using social networking takes much of my time so I’m mostly on Facebook at night. There are some problems that I can solve immediately but still some things that beyond my jurisdiction or not in my area."
Until now, the Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien is the first minister to publicly address her facebook account with the public.
Nowsaday, there are a lot of Party and State’s leaders  managers who are using Facebook to support for work. Some of them had openly addressed their personal facebook, drawing attention of public opinion. If Nguyen Thi Kim Tien is known as the first Minister who publicly address the Facebook Fanpage to serve for work, Mr Bach Ngoc Chien, Vice president of Nam Dinh province is considered  the first provincial leaders to publicly address his personal facebook to serve for jobs. On his personal facebook page, he wrote about his first 100 days at work on his new position.
Also on the Facebook Fanpage, Mr Chien shows that he have been exchanging and receiving opinions of people for his working fields. There are even some people who would like to work with him directly to give suggestion, he answered and gave an specific appointment on comments. His Facebook also posted a lot of information on culture and tourism in the province of Nam Dinh.
Mr. Khuat Viet Hung, the Deputy chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee is also frequently using personal facebook for jobs. On the Facebook page, he not only shares links of articles related to traffic safety, but he also shows all the information that is reflected on the internet and social networking. Most recently, Mr Hung hasn’t solved a problem properly and been criticized on newspapers, Hung has sincerely written on the Facebook to apologize.
Use facebook effectively
Regarding on the leaders’ use of social networking for work, Dr. Luong Hoai Nam said that many senior politicians, social, religious, cultural and technical activists, businessmen around the world are participating social networks with roles as individuals – citizens and relative independence in their position of power and management. A lot of presidents, prime ministers, parliamentarians around the world (including Russian President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev) have been joining the social network actively. Mr Lee Hsien Loong on Twitter, Facebook is "Lee Hsien Loong citizen" rather than "Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong." He could post his selfie pictures taken at the Madame Tussauds museum with his wax statue without any criticism and people feel even closer to him. In late 2013, when riots of some Indian workers occurred in Singapore, through social networking, Mr Lee Hsien Loong issued a clear message that the majority of foreign workers comply with the laws of Singapore and urged Singapore people to stay calm. The important message had reached millions of people in Singapore faster and larger than traditional media channels, although "citizen Lee", "Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong," "the government of Singapore "not really a ...
According to Prof. Dr. Chi Nghia Do, Head of Public Relations and Advertising, Academy of Journalism and Communication, it should be considered carefully to have the official information page of the senior leaders. If you do, there must be guidelines and do so effectively. "I came to Austria, Austrian Prime Minister is also having personal Facebook Fanpage. The Facebook Fanpage is directed by the Office of the Prime Minister with 4 experts who are directly performing contents by posting articles, answering comments… it means that they have mechanisms to work properly. Most recently, the Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong had "chat" with the public via his personal Facebook Fanpage and that help to solve many hot problems of society, to relieve public frustration and call on sympathy with the work of the leader of state. Applying this working way is good but we have to study carefully to avoid unexpected mistakes./.

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Hùng Quân 15/3/15 21:07

Facebook intends to have a major impact on politics

Huy Lâm 15/3/15 21:09

Vietnam is very open, we can access all social network in Vietnam

Quốc Cường 15/3/15 21:10

Since the advent of Facebook, the general public is more connected to politics than ever before

Quốc Kiên 15/3/15 21:13

Now in Vietnam, instead of watching TV or searching the Internet for the latest political news, Facebook users can go directly to a politician’s fan page for the most up-to-date information

Lê Tín 15/3/15 21:14

Because politicians are more accessible to the public via Facebook, they receive almost immediate feedback about their stances on the issues from people.

Phạm Hiếu 15/3/15 21:15

In an effort to reach a larger audience and speak directly to supporters, politicians often subvert the press by posting messages on their own Facebook pages

Quân Hoàng 15/3/15 21:18

In Vietnam Facebook has increased the political mobilization of young people, in particular students. So this is one the best way to connect with the people.

Huy Quốc 15/3/15 21:19

Mark Zuckerberg’s creation opened a new avenue for politicians to be more real and for voters to let them know what’s on their minds

Hoàng Lân 15/3/15 21:22

But we should have some measures to avoid abuse of Facebook for bad personal purposes.

Vân Nhàn 15/3/15 21:25

I agree with Mr Hoang Lan, it's really necessary in Vietnam.

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