The Santa Catarina ship and the power abuses of China

                                          The illegal nine-dash line that China draw on the East Sea

"In my opinion, Singapore will celebrate the 50th anniversary of independence this year, to remember Santa Catarina event which occurred 412 years ago, because it has promoted the development of international law and its just happened right outside Changi coast", former Deputy Director of the Center for International Law of the National University of Singapore – Mr. Navin Rajagobal wrote on the Straits Times newspaper in a recent issue.
Santa Catarina was a Portuguese merchant ship. At that time, the Portuguese wanted a monopoly on the Asian market. They used armed forces to impede the Dutch from accessing seaports and markets in Asia. 25th February 1603, the Dutch hijacked the Santa Catarina ship of the Portuguese outside Changi coast to demonstrate against the commercial monopoly of the Portuguese and protect trade freedom of all countries. The Netherlands has made a very significant event in human history through this historic robbery.
Santa Catarina Events appeared illegal but did made a change in the perception of the international lawmakers that is, on building basic legal rules, all countries are allowed to use remote waters to operate service trade. The world cannot let a country be a “dictator” in whole area of a sea, do what they want as in their own pond. No matter how powerful it is, the country cannot use armed forces to control the seas for their own exploitation, and restrict trade freedom of other countries.
The advantaged human brains havd provided   appropriate regulations for society to be more civilized and equitable.
Yet more than 400 years later, China is going backward and thinking as Portugal at four centuries ago. Chinese draw nine-dash line in the East Sea (the South China Sea) like the greedy tongue of a cow, and assumed the right to "rule" on that tongue. China wants to go back into the wild past and they will go, and human being is still forging ahead on the highway of civilization. As China is copying the way Portuguese did despite international law, the international community will react properly to protect trade and sovereignty of the country.
Currently, China takes no notice of protesting voices of international community, they are trying their best to construct building on both the Paracel and Spratly islands. They are not only infringing upon the territorial sovereignty of Vietnam, but also threatening to maritime security and trade freedom of other countries.
On February 24, in the 1975th anniversary of Hai Ba Trung Uprising, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Truong Tan Sang on behalf of the people throughout the country reaffirmed the determination to protect the integrity of Fatherland: "1975 years ago, the two heroines Trung Trac and Trung Nhi had raised up to expel the invading North, took control of whole territory and brought independence for the nation. Nowadays, following the tradition of patriotism and unyielding will to fight against invaders, we, the people of our time, determine to build successful and protect firmly our home of Vietnam.
Vietnam has the right causes, the power of time, the strength of national unity, the strong support of the international community and much of experience in wars. Therefore, we certainly will build successful and firmly protect our beloved Fatherland, never let anyone taking any inches of territory which we inherited from our forefathers, rising up alongside with international friends. Losing any inches of land is a crime against the ancestors; losing country’s independence and autonomy is also not worthy of the great sacrifice of Hai Ba Trung. "
Vietnam is always alongside with the international community to defend values of civilized human being and our own territory, never let China abuse its power and do what they want./.

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Quốc Cường 8/3/15 20:41

Some say Beijing may be adjusting its approach. But history suggests caution is warranted.

Quốc Kiên 8/3/15 20:45

Since Xi Jinping’s ascension to power, we have witnessed China employ what I would call a strategy of “incremental assertiveness” in the South China Sea

Lê Tín 8/3/15 20:50

For the first time, the United States government has come out publicly with an explicit statement that the so-called “nine-dash line,” which the People's Republic of China and Taiwan assert delineates their claims in the South China Sea, is contrary to international law

Phạm Hiếu 8/3/15 20:51

Any use of the 'nine-dash line' by China to claim maritime rights not based on claimed land features would be inconsistent with international law

Quân Hoàng 8/3/15 20:53

China is acting against rules of international community and the civilization of human being

Huy Lâm 8/3/15 20:54

The international community would welcome China to clarify or adjust its nine-dash line claim to bring it in accordance with the international law of the sea

Vân Nhàn 8/3/15 20:56

respect for freedom of navigation, peaceful resolution of disputes, freedom of commerce, negotiation of a Code of Conduct for dispute resolution and, most relevant here, the view that claims to water could only be based on legitimate land-based claims.

Hoàng Lân 8/3/15 20:59

In the last several years, however, there has been a growing concern in the region that China had turned its back on diplomacy and was using military and legal means to advance its claims to all of the South China Sea

Huy Quốc 8/3/15 21:03

The South China Sea is a complicated issue for ASEAN members and international community to show our unity to protect the international law and rules.

Hùng Quân 8/3/15 21:05

the rights of all countries, not merely large ones, are respected.

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