110 social housing projects to be built


As many as 110 social housing projects are being carried out for low-income people, at a scale of some 70,000 flats and an investment of some VND38 trillion, the Ministry of Construction has reported.
According to the Ministry, in the first eight months of 2016, the development of housing in accordance with the national housing development strategy continued to be accelerated, better satisfying people’s demand for accommodation.
So far, the country has completed support for the accommodation of 81,505 revolutionary contributors and the support is now continuing for 10,543 others.
As many as 88 housing projects for students have been completed and put into use, providing accommodation for some 200,000 students, bringing the number of students getting access to social accommodation to 82%. Meanwhile, seven others are under construction.
In addition, 87 social housing projects for workers have been completed, providing some 28,800 flats with an investment of some 6.8 trillion. At present, 64 social housing projects for workers in industrial zones are being carried out with some VND18.8 trillion, providing some 69,600 flats when completed.
In urban areas, 58 social housing projects using some VND10.24 trillion for low-income people have been finished, providing some 29,700 flats./.

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