Number of Americans killed annually higher than death toll by terrorism


Although calling on preventing the influx of migrants into the United States, the number of Americans killed by Islamic extremists is too little in comparison with the deaths by shootings between Americans.

Over the past 10 years, the lightning has killed 31 Americans annually. This means 310 Americans have been killed because of lightning’s strike in comparison with 16 American people killed by immigrated Islamic extremists for the same period. The rate Americans killed by terrorism acts is much lower than one related to lightning strike.

However there is no measure to protect American from lightning strike. Politicians often call on preventing the influx of migrants rather than proposing to clear the sky or stop the rain or to build lightning-resistant houses.

One other potential danger to the American people is the children. The number of American killed which relates to gun using by children in 2015 is higher than the number of American killed by terrorism.

Reviewing the reasons of American killing, there are a lot of unreasonable ones that are more serious than immigrated Islamic people. For example, the lawnmower kill 69 and the bus kill 260 American people each year.
After the September 11 terrorist attack 15 years ago, the US has reacted “properly” by pouring 1.700 billion dollar in combats against terrorism. And the result is that nearly 7.000 Americans and a half of million Iraqi civilians have been killed.

Although the United States is wary of extremist terrorism, but in 2011 there were more than 11.300 cases of shooting between Americans. This number is 4 times higher than the death toll of the September 11 terrorist attack.

Since the September 11 terrorist attack, there have been more than 180.000 American killed by American, which means 11.700 American people killed annually. This number is 60 times higher than the death toll of the September 11 terrorist attack and 7.200 times higher than number of victims of the immigrated Islamic extremists.

The media and politician have used the September 11 terrorist attack to hype the fear of terrorism of Americans up. And the ruling class in the US has got what they want, that is the consecutive and never-ending wars. The death toll of the September 11 terrorist attack is pretty small in comparison with the death toll of the consecutive wars that made by the US over the world./.
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