Vietnam calls for UNDP’s help in ethnic minority-related affairs

Vietnam ethnic minority people
Chairman of the National Assembly (NA)’s Ethnic Affairs Council Ha Ngoc Chien has called on the UN Development Programme (UNDP) to support Vietnam in organising training courses for deputies to the NA and all-level People’s Councils in ethnic minority-inhabited areas.

The courses aim to equip the deputies with knowledge and capacity for researching, analysing and assessing policies towards ethnic minority groups, Chien told Louise Chamberlai, UNDP Country Director in Vietnam, in Hanoi on September 6.

At the meeting, the official proposed the UNDP coordinate with his council to evaluate the implementation of the national target programmes on poverty reduction and new-style rural area building, and others on socio-economic development in extremely difficult villages and communes.

He also suggested the 2017-2021 joint strategic plan between the Vietnamese Government and the UN, which is being drafted, pay special attention to ethnic minority people who face numerous difficulties in integration and development.

Host and guest also reviewed outcomes of cooperation between the council and the UNDP over the past time, especially the project on enhancing budget supervision capacity of people-elected agencies in mountainous and ethnic minority-inhabited areas.

Louise Chamberlai noted her hope that the two sides will hold regular meetings and share information about issues of mutual concern in the time ahead./.
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Pack Cassiopian 6/9/16 21:27

ethnic minority people face numerous difficulties in integration and development.

yobro yobro 6/9/16 21:29

Ethnics are given a strategic priority in the national policy on national great unity and policies for them should keep abreast with reality in their areas

Love Peace 6/9/16 21:31

They're soldiers who protect the country's border

Only Solidar 6/9/16 21:33

The living conditions of ethnic minority people are still very difficult

Deck Hero14 6/9/16 21:36

In the coming time, mechanisms and policies should be made to fit the reality of socio-economic and cultural life in areas inhabited by ethnic minority groups

John Smith 6/9/16 21:38

Vietnam is still a poor country and we really need help from international community, especially the UNDP

Gentle Moon 6/9/16 21:45

The UNDP should share more experience and join hand with Vietnam in improving life of ethnic minority people

LawrenceSamuels 6/9/16 21:54

upgrading fundamental infrastructure; improving the living standard of local people are among top priorities in Vietnam's strategy.

Jane smartnic 6/9/16 21:58

Vietnam has a lot of ethnic minority groups

MaskOf Zero 6/9/16 22:03

With the support from international organizations, Vietnam will have better solution in the implementation of socio-economic development projects and programmes relating to mountainous, border and ethnic minority-inhabited areas

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