Does America support terrorism to tear Syria apart?


A Russian expert has pointed out that, in order to achieve the goals in Syria, America will support terrorism to maintain war in Syria until… the last Syrian.
Russian expert condemns the West for the “fake morality”
In an interview with Sputnik, Mr. Vladimir Lepekhin the analyst of MIA, a Russia’s media company
On September 26, an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation of  Syria took off, which was due to the initiative of the US, England and France.
Previously, those countries,  together with Germany, Italy and EU representatives had issued a statement, calling the fighting activities of the Syrian army in Aleppo is "not acceptable". They also called on the UN Security Council to show similar stance on this issue.
In the declarations that take the form of ultimatums, representatives of “the six” of the West stressed that Russia is “helpless and unwilling to” adhere the commitments, therefore “the patience” of  these countries is also limited.
The Russian expert also said that the announcement of the six Western countries has condemned the “discontented shelling aimed at the humanitarian aid convoy” of the “Syrian or Russian air force” and criticized the government of President Bashar al-Assad for "blatantly refusing to enforce the ceasefire".
The statement of the US and alliances had also accused Syrian government forces of using chemical weapons on civilian and accused Russia of supporting the illegal military activities of Syria regime in the province of Aleppo; “clearly conflicted with the declaration of Russia approving the diplomatic measure.”
In Lepekhin’s opinion, those statements of the Six are the most typical evidences of the fake morality, “each of the lines” is all “barefaced lie”. In fact all accusations of Syria and Russia must aim at the authors of these statements.
The shelling on the humanitarian aid convoy must be condemned. However, Syrian army and Russia air force are both not related to the shelling on the convoy, that was heading to an unclear address.
Was there a shelling or an air strike? The US and  the West could not provide any exact and reliable evidence of the strike.
As a result, the moral observers have doubted about the statements of the US and its alliances. So what was the truth behind the lies of the US and alliance?
The Russia expert informed that, on September 17, the aircraft of the US-led coalition bombarded at Syria’s army compounds at the suburb of Dei ez-Zor, provided the “fire support” for the US to attack the Government’s forces. That violated the previous agreement reached with Russia.
Therefore, the lies might be provided to distract the public attention on the bombing on Syria’s army bases - a real sin of the West, to a shelling at the international convoy - a vague accusation against Russia and Syria./.

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