Reactionary portraits: The Path of Vietnam - The Path of Criminals


Maybe or maybe not, you have heard about the movement of the Path of Vietnam, a group called itself as a revolutionary organization for Vietnamese people. But what has this group done for the country and people? Here, we just see negative impacts of its activities. They joined in calling protests against the Party and State’s policies of developing the country’s economy, inciting people to violent demonstrations in related to sensitive issues like the South China Sea disputes, land clearance and recently the environmental disease in central provinces, and conducting activities that hurt the country’s reputation and the national interests. Some typical members which violated and were punished by Vietnamese laws like Lê Công Đinh, Trần Huỳnh Duy Thức, Lê Thăng Long and other foreign linked members like Nguyễn Xuân Ngãi, Nguyễn Sĩ Bình, Nguyễn Công Huân, Lê Quốc Tuấn prove for the group’s reactionary essence. Let find out how this group has deceived the public at home and abroad.
On June 10th 2012, Lê Thăng Long on behalf of three initiators:  Trần Huỳnh Duy Thức, Lê Công Định and Lê Thăng Long, publicly launched the Vietnam Path Movement. This is a non-partisan movement calling upon every Vietnamese citizen to act so that “Human Rights must be respected and protected above all and equally in Vietnam” in order to build a substantial democracy for the people.  The movement was introduced to encouraging reception from both in-country and overseas compatriots. As it self-proclaims the ultimate goal of the movement of The Path of Vietnam is to make the Human Rights to be first and equally respected for and protected in Vietnam so that the Vietnamese people are respected and may confidently and fully exercise all their citizen rights in reality so as to be master of their country and legitimately create wealth for themselves.
 At first, Vietnam Path Movement announced its Board of Directors and Executives including Trần Huỳnh Duy Thức – Founder - Chairman Emeritus, Lê Công Định – Founder – Chief of Administration Emeritus, Nguyễn Xuân Ngãi – Deputy Chief of Administration, Nguyen Công Huân – Chief Executive, Lê Quốc Tuấn – Spokesman.
The group calls itself an association of volunteers who collectively strive for achieving its goals and obeying its points of view, ways of actions, guiding principles and platform. It said the group is not a political party that works to seek for ruling terms in Vietnam. Nevertheless, it will be in favor of any political party that has the policies which conform to the objective laws and satisfy the people’s will, and vice versa it will oppose to any policy of any party that go against this rule.
 The group’s founders and leaders are unfortunately criminals which violated Vietnamese laws. Firstly, about Trần Huỳnh Duy Thức, who was born on 29 November 1966 is a self-claimed Vietnamese engineer, entrepreneur and human rights activist. He was the founder and president of EIS, an international internet and telephone line provider. He was arrested in 2009, initially for "theft of telephone wires", and later for "conducting propaganda" against the state. He made a televised confession but later recanted, saying he was coerced.
The second figure is Lê Công Định, born October 1, 1968. Dinh was a Vietnamese lawyer who sat on the defence of many human rights cases in Vietnam. He was arrested by the Vietnamese government on June 13, 2009 on charges of national security. And the third one is Lê Thăng Long, born in 1967 in Hanoi, is also self-proclaimed as human rights activists, a dissident. Yes, they all along with another young guy Nguyen Tiến Trung were arrested in 2009 on national security charges under article 88 of Vietnam's criminal code ("conducting propaganda against the government"). The authority announced that lot of documents and conspiracy evidences had confiscated which indicate the attempt to overthrow the state of Vietnam by these individuals. In 2010 they were tried in day-long trial by sentences for many years in prison for their crimes.
        The group and its leaders are not moral revolutionary examples like the Party and State’s leaders in the Vietnam wars, so they can not call for any advanced movements in the name of human rights and democracy. People should be aware of their true essence and keep away their illegal activities that undermine the country’s security and interests./.
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Love Peace 4/9/16 21:45

They are all criminals, we must expose them to the public, to let people know their true faces and boycott their activities.

Only Solidar 4/9/16 22:07

Le Thang Long and Le Cong Dinh, who would believe them? I don't think it's worth to hear them say anything.

MaskOf Zero 4/9/16 22:11

The Path of Vietnam is just an outlaw group of criminals who violated Vietnamese laws for their own benefits.

John Smith 4/9/16 22:16

I have paid attention to these elements, they just do things they think good but turn out it's not good at all, not good for people, not good for the country.

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