Despicable tricks of the so-called “democrats” (Part 1)


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Sabotage against Vietnamese revolution with a focus on eliminating the Party’s leadership and socialist regime in our country is the consistent objective of the hostile forces and so-called “democrats”. Everyone knows this but cannot help being surprised by their ridiculous and  despicable tricks, especially at the times of national major events.
To achieve their evil objective, they have used a lot of tricks, including despicable ones, sullying a number of senior leaders of Party and State to cause internal division and undermine people’s faith in Party’s leadership. In some blogs, they have invented shocking stories telling people that a Party leader was poisoned by “internal disputes”; another leader has “huge property”, villas, and expensive cars. However, the stories have been exposed as make-up. They have made use of confusion between “black and white”, “truth and falsehood”, adding photos from real estate projects and advertisements of automobile companies to the annotations of their own wicked intention.
In another aspect, they have collected information about bad incidents reflected in the press, changing them for people to misunderstand in order to undermine our Party. They have highlighted bad incidents occurring in a number of localities, ministries, and sectors, exaggerating them to make our society a gloomy picture, then loudly criticizing and speaking ill of Party, denying the socialist regime. More evilly, when a number of cadres and party members deteriorate, abusing their position and power for corruption, they hurriedly generalize the phenomenon, claiming that the nature of Party is corruption; and that Party no longer deserves to lead State and society.
By their hostility, prejudice, imposition, tarring people with the same brush, they are plotting to “cover the sun with hands”. However, truth is truth. Nobody can distort the true facts, then brazenly regarding them as the truth. Such despicable tricks are not enough for “democrats” to fade the image of a rapidly growing, friendly, and peaceful Vietnam in the eyes of international friends. No matter how cunning and evil they are, they cannot deny the achievements gained in the country’s reform which has been initiated and led by our Party over the past 30 years. Simply, it is the truth. Our people know that most of the Party cadres and members as the vanguard are exemplary, virtuous and capable, playing the key role in the country’s current reform.

The so-called “democrats” are still trying to take advantage of democracy and human rights as a pretext to distort and deny ideological ground, platform, guidelines, policies of the Party and socialist regime in Vietnam. They claim that Marxism-Leninism is outdated; our Party’s lines are wrong, not suitable for the national development requirements; and that Party and State of Vietnam are dictatorial, violating democracy and human rights, bringing about economic decline, cultural degradation, and oppressive society; independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity are violated. For the reasons above, they come to conclude that eliminating Party’s leadership and socialist regime, “pluralism, multi-party”, developing the country under capitalism are the key points to ensuring a strong and prosperous country, democracy and human rights. How ridiculous it is!
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yobro yobro 22/9/16 08:27

Hostile forces have conducted information campaigns directly attacking our concept of “peaceful evolution” in recent years. In doing so, they have added maliciousness to their “peaceful evolution” strategy to sabotage the Vietnamese revolution.

Gentle Moon 22/9/16 08:28

Hostile forces argue that our concept of “peaceful evolution” is an “irrelevant political view” that “goes against science and holds back development.”

John Smith 22/9/16 08:29

According to them, the concepts or viewpoints of “peaceful evolution,” “self-evolution” and “self-degradation” are “deliberately made up” by our Party and State to threaten people and hide their shortcomings.

Love Peace 22/9/16 08:30

Hostile forces are hectically using various new tricks to intensify their information campaigns against the Party and State.

Pack Cassiopian 22/9/16 08:34

With the motto “People know, people discuss, people act, people monitor”, people’s right to mastery in the State and socio-economic management has been strengthened while democracy at the grassroots level has been expanded.

LawrenceSamuels 22/9/16 08:36

the Party and the entire political system’s mission is to renew leadership way, improve brainpower and fighting spirit to gather walks of life in the great national unity bloc, thus creating a strong power in the national construction and defence.

Jane smartnic 22/9/16 08:38

Some reactionaries, who label themselves as “patriots” and “representatives of the people’s voice,” use it as a good chance to slander and speak ill of the Party.

MaskOf Zero 22/9/16 08:39

Democracy inside the Party and society is clearly defined in the political creed and principles of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Only Solidar 22/9/16 08:40

Vietnam’s democracy, which is under the leadership of the Party, reflects the power, position and interests of the Party, working class and working people.

Deck Hero14 22/9/16 08:41

Democratic rights and duty are interwoven in Vietnam. That is to say, citizens have both the right and duty to practice democracy.

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