Vietnam’s Diplomatic Bluebook 2015: resolutely defending national sovereignty over East Sea


Vietnam’s Diplomatic Bluebook 2015
Vietnam’s Diplomatic Bluebook 2015, which was launched for the first time on September 22, states that: the East Sea situation has been more complicated in 2015 due to increasing Chinese activities of the accretion, restoration, building and facilities deployment at large scale on the islands, reefs in the Spratlys.
At the ceremony, that was participated by representatives of foreign diplomatic missions in Vietnam and the press, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had launched Vietnam’s Diplomatic Bluebook 2015 to introduce the country’s foreign policies and outstanding achievements of the diplomatic sector last year. The book comprises of six chapters, with one dedicating to an overview of the regional and world situations in 2015 and Vietnam’s stances, while the country’s outstanding bilateral diplomatic activities in 2015 and in the past five years are presented in the second chapter. The third chapter deals with Vietnam’s multilateral diplomatic policy, including diplomatic activities within the framework of the United Nations, ASEAN and international cooperation in democracy and human rights. The role of diplomacy in serving national development and defense is discussed in the fourth chapter, which covers economic and cultural diplomacy, overseas Vietnamese related affairs. The fifth chapter deals with the Party’s and National Assembly’s external affairs and people-to-people diplomacy, while the major features of the 12th National Party Congress’s foreign policy constitute the sixth one.
"The book will help everyone understand Vietnam’s diplomatic activities, many of which operated by the highest-ranking leaders of Vietnam for the common cause of the people, for peace and stability in the world" - Commissioner Party Central Committee member, Deputy Foreign Minister Le Hoai Trung spoke at the ceremony.
According to the Bluebook, so far Vietnam has established diplomatic relations with 185 countries out of 193 UN state members, joined more than 70 international organizations, playing as an active proactive and responsible member of these institutions.
Vietnam has established the strategic partnership with 15 partners and the comprehensive partnership with 10 partners, the depth and nature in relations with countries have been raised up to new levels.
New features in the foreign policy of Vietnam
The book analyses seven new features in the foreign policy of the Congress, including relations with major powers and partners essential to national development and security, major guidelines for international integration and national defense, and the new approach to people’s diplomacy.
The Bluebook also informs that the 12th Party Congress for the first time has stated clearly: “Promoting and deepening the relations with partner, especially the strategic partners and powerful countries that have important role to the national development and security, bringing the relations into effective”
The Congress has also stressed the guideline of Vietnam foreign policy that "actively participating in multilateral mechanisms for defense and security, including the participation in cooperation activities at a higher level as the UN’s peacekeeping operations or maneuvers on non-traditional security and other activities." Green Book states: This field was previously considered to be sensitive, since 2014 Vietnam however has been participating in the peacekeeping operations of the UN, marked a strongly shift of thinking, affirming that Vietnam is an active and responsible member of the international community, and is always ready to participate noble mission of the United Nations to maintain international peace and security./.
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Only Solidar 27/9/16 22:06

Viet Nam’s foreign policy as well as prominent diplomatic achievements in 2015 are covered in the bluebook

yobro yobro 27/9/16 22:09

The launch of the book is very necessary in showing the country diplomatic policies

MaskOf Zero 27/9/16 22:11

This was a significant event helping readers deepen understanding of Vietnam’s foreign policies and diplomatic activities

Jane smartnic 27/9/16 22:13

We will resolutely and perseveringly struggle to defend firmly the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the country, defending the Party, State and people, and socialist regime

Pack Cassiopian 27/9/16 22:16

We are an active and responsible member of the international community and

LawrenceSamuels 27/9/16 22:22

Not many countries in the world have published a diplomatic bluebook. Therefore, it can be said that Việt Nam is among the countries that takes the lead in using the bluebook to disseminate Việt Nam’s diplomatic policies

Love Peace 27/9/16 22:24

The entire Vietnam's political system must strive to achieve those goals that have been set at the 12nd Party Congress

Gentle Moon 27/9/16 22:26

Our diplomatic policy is not only aiming to serve the national cause but also ensuring peace, stability and development in the region and the world as a whole.

Deck Hero14 27/9/16 22:28

Vietnam is a peace-loving country with friendly people that has been shown clearly in the bluebook

John Smith 27/9/16 22:30

I love Vietnam and support its foreign policies

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