Incident involving Song Ngoc parishioners

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bieeur tinhf owr song ngocj ngheej an
The administration of the central province of Nghe An on February 15 provided information about an incident involving Song Ngoc Parish in relation to the marine pollution caused by Taiwanese Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Co Ltd.
Authorities said that on February 10, Priest Nguyen Dinh Thuc in the parish of Song Ngoc in Quynh Ngoc commune, Quynh Luu district, wrote an open letter calling on other priests to pray for Song Ngoc parishioners who planned to file a lawsuit against Formosa to the People’s Court of Ky Anh township in nearby Ha Tinh province, where Formosa is located, on February 14.
On early February 14, about 500 parishioners gathered in Song Ngoc Parish to go to Ha Tinh. When arriving in Dien Hong commune of Nghe An’s Dien Chau district, traffic police demanded the parishioners move their vehicles into one lane to avoid causing congestion, according to authorities.
However, the parishioners refused to obey and continued to drive in a disorderly manner, affecting traffic flow.
Police tried to persuade the parishioners to move their vehicles to the roadside so that Nghe An officials could talk to Priest Thuc and the parishioners.
While the vehicles were moving to the roadside, Thuc ordered a seven-seat car to stop in the middle of Highway 1A. As people inside the vehicle refused to disembark, police had to move both the car and the people travelling on it to allow traffic flow. Some parishioners disobeyed the request, causing a clash with the police.
Priest Thuc said he was injured by the police and then phoned dignitaries and parishioners in nearby areas to ask for help.
On 4pm the same day, the Secretary of the Nghe An provincial Party Committee, the Vice Standing Chairperson of the provincial People’s Committee, the Director of the province’s Department of Public Security, and some priests arrived on the scene to try and resolve the situation with the parishioners and ask Priest Thuc to tell them to return home.
After that, some parishioners moved onto Highway 1A to pressure police forces. Some reportedly threw bricks and stones at the police, injuring 16 officers (including the Director of the provincial Public Security Department) and damaging three cars.
Police arrested 21 people on the spot, according to Nghe An authorities.
The province asked the media to report on the incident in a timely and honest manner, adding that local agencies will investigate those who caused the incident.
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Gentle Moon 22/2/17 08:56

Religious dignitaries must lead people to better things, Nguyen Dinh Thuan should be condemned by all fields.

John Smith 22/2/17 09:00

The Vietnamese Party and State’s religious and belief policies have vanquished schemes to abuse religions to conduct a “peace evolution”.

LawrenceSamuels 22/2/17 09:01

Beilefeldt studied the current conditions in Viet Nam and wrote a report on the country's achievements and ongoing issues.

Jane smartnic 22/2/17 09:03

Comparative law research regarding the relationship between state and religion often uses models. These models normally run from more to less separation between state and religion.

yobro yobro 22/2/17 09:04

Religion gave state authorities and state power its legitimacy, and the government was the protector of the Christian faith. Nowadays, religion is no longer that fundamental; the starting points are democracy and the rule of law.

Love Peace 22/2/17 09:05

Freedom of religion and the principle of equality play important roles, when answering questions about the meaning of religion in a state.

MaskOf Zero 22/2/17 09:06

Viet Nam should continue refining legal regulations on religions and beliefs while clarifying allegations related to those freedoms.

Only Solidar 22/2/17 09:09

Nguyen Dinh Thuc and many others dignitaries in Vietnam need to be punished by law due to their destroying activities to the State.

Pack Cassiopian 22/2/17 09:12

I think that his activities brings no benefit for people but illigal drag. The state and Party of Vietnam should point out their plots.

Deck Hero14 22/2/17 09:14

Việt Nam had made progress ìn observing freedoms, including the expansion of religious dignitaries, followers and worship facilities, in recent years.r

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