The Party and State policies have positive impacts on mountainous areas. Well-invested infrastructure in the 
region has led to improvement in people’s living standards.

People in mountainous areas apply advanced technologies in agricultural production for higher productivity.

Local authorities and residents take advantage of key wood products to boost economic development, thus raising people’s incomes.

Farmers take advantage of food, climate and terrain to build up a wide range of effective breeding models 
and develop the breeding industry on a larger scale.

Mountain residents, over the past years, have employed better methods of rice cultivation, which help raise 
productivity and make people’s lives more prosperous.

Poor roads are now replaced by concrete roads, which facilitates people’s travel and goods exchange.

Medical and healthcare facilities are better invested.

Besides the improvement in material lives, there is higher level in people’s spiritual lives, with backward practices 
having been ceased and replaced by more advanced lifestyles.

People play traditional musical instruments during the lunar New Year festival.

Highlands residents are determined to build up an advanced and culturally rich life.