Party’s will and people’s desire meet in spring

Spring is coming. The 87th spring of the country, since the Party was established for the sake of the Vietnamese people. The initial torch by former President Ho Chi Minh lit up the nation after many dark years of slavery, and led our country along the revolutionary road toward independence, freedom, prosperity, happiness, democracy, equity and civilisation.
Today, the long march that combines the Party’s will and the People’s aspiration has never worn out, and no power can bend our will.
Such a long march has sacrificed our blood and bones, muscles and brains, and has been through many ups and downs, but also yields many splendid feats that glorify our People and nation.
Along such march, there were times when the Party made mistakes, there even were times when the People’s trust in the Party decreased. But with the bravery of a scientific and revolutionary Party, with no other interest than the People’s interest, and being trained in the fire of the revolution, while being disciplined and developing itself, our Party is still shining and our People’s trust in the Party is solid.
There are many obstacles and hardships in front of us, but as the Party’s will and People’s aspiration have blended together, amplified by the spring, there is no hardship that cannot be overcome. Under the guidance of the Resolutions of the Party’s 12th Congress, resolutions of various Party plenums, the country’s industrialization and modernization cause will soon succeed.

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Pack Cassiopian 8/2/17 20:58

The history of Vietnam, since the incept of our Party, has shown that, in our revolutionary cause over the past 80 years, there has been only one leading and ruling party – the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Deck Hero14 8/2/17 20:59

Under the Party’s leadership, people’s mastership is always upheld; political-spiritual lives of all citizens are improved; national solidarity is consolidated, ensuring the whole country to overcome difficulties.

Only Solidar 8/2/17 21:00

The Party’s leadership is acknowledged by the entire people.

MaskOf Zero 8/2/17 21:01

To effectively perform its role, the Party must tie itself to people, serve people, put itself under people’s supervision, and be responsible to people for its decisions.

Love Peace 8/2/17 21:02

Party organizations and its members must operate within the framework of Constitution and law.

yobro yobro 8/2/17 21:03

The Communist Party of Vietnam is the sole source of leadership of Vietnam’s revolution.

Jane smartnic 8/2/17 21:04

Democrat regime in Vietnam is the victorious achievement of the revolution launched by people under the leadership of the Communist Party.

LawrenceSamuels 8/2/17 21:05

One-party regime in Vietnam and the Party’s leadership is the history’s choice, the indispensable result of a long, arduous and challenging revolution of people.

Gentle Moon 8/2/17 21:06

The better the people’s mastership is implemented, the more stable the Party’s leadership is. This is the dialectic between “Party’s purpose” and “people’s wish”.

John Smith 8/2/17 21:07

it is necessary to proactively fight against adverse viewpoints of political opportunists and hostile forces; safeguarding stance, guidelines, solidarity and unity of the Party.

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