Viet Tan has transformed into a new-style terrorist organization


Since the later last year, Vietnamese government has declared Viet Tan or the Vietnam Reform Party, a terrorist organisation and warned people to not be involved with the group. The government has long considered Viet Tan a terrorist group, but this is the first time it has officially given it that designation.
It’s not surprised due to Viet Tan’s notorious violent activities. Viet Tan is accused of training operatives and the government says the California-based organization instigates violence. Viet Tan has a long history of inciting Vietnamese people at home, especially workers, to protest against the Vietnamese State. In incidents of the HD981 oil rig and the environmental disaster in some Vietnamese central provinces, Viet Tan and its inside members incited people to violently oppose the government, some protests even caused human and economic damages to the country.
The group has conducted many aggressive activities against the Party and State of Vietnam at home and abroad. People must still remember about the footage “Terror in Little Saigon” of FRONTLINE, a U.S. media station. The film depicts the true face of this group, a terrorist group, which is ready to do anything for their wicked purposes, even killing journalists who held opposite views against them. Many overseas Vietnamese have recognized Viet Tan’s dark nature and called out to boycott this group in overseas community. But, it is a pitiful that some foreign states and organizations have ignored these truths to recognize Viet Tan as a normal political group and even support them.
The U.S. government has said it has seen no evidence that the group is engaged in terrorism. The U.S. State Department said Viet Tan is not listed as a terrorist entity under U.S. law. “We would refer you to the Vietnamese government for more information on its designation,” said Katina Adams, a spokeswoman for the department’s East Asia bureau.
Yes, we all know that the group was formed in 1982 by a vice admiral in the former U.S.-backed South Vietnamese government, and has been described by the United Nations as a “peaceful organization advocating for democratic reform”. Viet Tan always claims its movements as non-violent campaigns to overthrow the Vietnamese Communist regime and bring democracy to Vietnamese.
However, in reality, Viet Tan had trained members in militant activities, to use weapons and explosives and sent armed groups to Vietnam to carry out terrorist activities like kidnapping and murderring. In the past several years, the group has arranged for operatives to sneak into Vietnam to organise protests and instigate violence, but the plans were thwarted by Vietnamese and Lao authorities. Viet Tan is still stubborn to send members to Vietnam to stir up anti-government protests and unrest. Several Viet Tan members from the United States and Australia have been brought to trial or deported. It’s apparent that Viet Tan is a new-style terrorist organization, they carry out terrorist activities in the name of spreading democracy, a kind that the U.S. and Western nations try to feed those groups like Viet Tan  and other anti-Vietnam organizations.
So let remind the U.S. about their war on terrorism that they have propagandized around the world since the 11th September attack that, at the end of the day, groups like Viet Tan are terrorist, no more. The terrorist group’s plots cannot fool patriotic citizens. Their schemes and acts go against the will and aspirations of the entire Vietnamese nation. Therefore, anyone who joins, propagandizes, instigates others to join, sponsors, receives sponsorship from Viet Tan, participates in training courses arranged by Viet Tan, operates under instructions of Viet Tan will be an accomplice in terrorism … and will be dealt with in accordance with Vietnamese law./.
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Gentle Moon 4/2/17 21:37

Viet Tan, or Vietnam Reform Party, had recruited and trained operatives to use weapons and explosives. Are they terrorists? Yes, they are.

LawrenceSamuels 4/2/17 21:39

The U.S. State Department said Viet Tan is not listed as a terrorist entity under U.S. law. Why? Because they want to use it as a tool to undermine an independant communist state.

Jane smartnic 4/2/17 21:41

Now we could see the true face of a political opportunist America!

Love Peace 4/2/17 21:49

The government has long been wary of Viet Tan’s presence and considered them a terrorist group before, labeling the group as “reactionary”, but now it's a tipping point to expose them.

MaskOf Zero 4/2/17 21:50

We must punish those who go against the country's and people's interests, Viet Tan is totally one of them.

Only Solidar 4/2/17 21:51


Pack Cassiopian 4/2/17 21:52

A new style and more dangerous terrorist!

Jane smartnic 4/2/17 21:55

It's appearant that anyone who received sponsorship or training from Viet Tan, or who operated under its instructions, would be an accomplice in terrorism and dealt with in accordance with Vietnamese law.

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