They do not see the wood for the trees (Part 1)

Kết quả hình ảnh cho They do not see the wood for the trees
Basing on information about limitations and weaknesses of our economy in 2016, a number of people deliberately attribute them to the Party’s economic guidelines. This is an unilateral fallacy with evil plots.
With the spirit of acknowledging the truth, the 2nd Session of the 14th National Assembly and the 4th Plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee frankly pointed out limitations and weaknesses of our economy while discussing reasons and remedial measures.
Nevertheless, despite reality and efforts made by our whole Party and people to overcome difficulties, several people who are discontented with the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam have commented that the Vietnam economy picture includes dark tones only, which aims to cause a panic within the society. Concerning information about the rapid increase of public debt, export and economic growth not meeting the target, measures to withdraw State capital from the enterprises in which the State does not need to hold the biggest shares, such as Vinamilk, Sabeco, Habeco, etc., the guideline on privatizing the construction of infrastructure (concession of exploiting several highway lines, seaports, airports) to implement one of the three breakthroughs identified in the 11th National Party Congress, they rush into affirming that the economy of Vietnam is entering a cul-de-sac. They deliberately attribute the economy’s weaknesses to the maintenance of the Party’s economic guideline, saying that only when the Party “stops socialist orientation”, could the Vietnam economy avoid the risk of another crisis.
We could affirm immediately that it is only one-sided judgment of a number of people. The National Assembly and the 12th Central Party Committee’s assessment of the above-mentioned limitations and weaknesses proves our Party and State’s courage to face the truth to find out the “illness” of the economy, reasons as well as measures. Those limitations and weaknesses have resulted from both objective and subjective conditions, not from the Party’s economic guideline.

We all know that the Party’s economic guideline in the period of reform is a system of viewpoints and orientations on developing a socialist-oriented market economy; stepping up industrialization and modernization; innovating growth model, restructuring the economy; actively and proactively engaging in international economic integration process. That guideline was first laid down in the 6th National Party Congress, supplemented and completed in the following Congresses. Implementing the economic guideline, our country has gained achievements of historic significance. From being a food importer, we are now among the world top food and other agricultural products exporters. We have also got out of the state of an underdeveloped country to become a middle income developing one, with a GDP of 2,300 USD/person/year in 2016 (compared to 2,109 USD in 2015), increasing by 20 times in comparison with the pre-reform period. The infrastructure has changed rapidly, creating a new face of the country and making contributions to developing the economy and society and strengthening defence and security. The structure of the economy has changed positively, with industry and service accounting for 82.6% of 2015 GDP. The percentage of poor household has dramatically decreased from 58% in 1993 to below 4.5% in 2015.
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Deck Hero14 20/2/17 20:57

Under its leadership, revolutionary cause of Vietnamese people has achieved great victories with historical and timely significances.

Only Solidar 20/2/17 20:59

Achievements of the Party's theoretical thinking about socialism and socialist construction in Vietnam are proved via the fact that our Party has identified the target system of the innovation process.

MaskOf Zero 20/2/17 21:00

This is an unprecedented model of economic development, from that the party ceaselessly develops and clarifies inner elements to ensure socialist- oriented market economy.

yobro yobro 20/2/17 21:01

Practice reveals that establishing model of socialism-oriented market economy has achieved great results in terms of theoretical thinking even though it still needs to continue supplementing and completing.

LawrenceSamuels 20/2/17 21:02

This model is increasingly being confirmed to be consistent with the development trend of world economy and Vietnam conditions.

John Smith 20/2/17 21:04

Socialism and the path to socialism is a fundamental and practical theoretical topic with broad and complicated content, demanding thorough and in-depth study.

Gentle Moon 20/2/17 21:05

It is true that capitalism has never been more widely accepted than it is now, and it has achieved great successes, especially in liberating and developing productive capacity and advancing science and technology.

Jane smartnic 20/2/17 21:07

We need a society where development is truly for humans, instead of exploiting and trampling on human dignity for the sake of profits.

Love Peace 20/2/17 21:09

The concept of a socialist market-oriented economy is a creative and fundamental theoretical breakthrough for Party and an important fruit of the 31-year renewal process

Pack Cassiopian 20/2/17 21:10

Building a socialist democracy, ensuring that real power belongs to the people, is the ultimate and long-term task of Vietnam's revolution.

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