New year goal of building “a facilitating government”


Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc vowed to facilitate entrepreneurship, safeguard national sovereignty, and fight corruption and waste as he chaired the first meeting of the freshly-elected government right after the closing of the 13th National Assembly’s 11th session.
The Vietnamese Government is working to build “a facilitating government” - a consistent and effective administrative system that facilitates development and acts for the sake of people and enterprises, considering this the most important task in 2016-2020. That commitment of the Cabinet was reiterated by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc while addressing the 2016 Vietnam Development Forum (VDF 2016), themed “Facilitating and action-oriented government – New driving force for development”, in Hanoi on December 9 last year.
In 2016, the country’s GDP growth was attained at 6.3 percent while foreign reserves are at a record of some 41 billion USD. Despite a nosedive in global trade, Vietnam still enjoys a rise of around 8 percent in exports and 2-3 billion USD in trade surplus. Agriculture, forestry, fishery growth has recovered; Production of industry, construction and service has increased higher than the same period last year; Inflation has been curbed; Business climate continues to be improved; Economy has been restructured with three breakthroughs; Climate change, environmental protection, green growth and sustainable development… have been paid attention.
However, Vietnam’s economy has been facing difficulties and challenges such as danger of falling behind, middle income trap, climate change and international integration, against many unpredictable fluctuations in the region and the world… In 2016-2020 term, Vietnam Government committed to build facilitating and action oriented Government with the goals of turning the solutions into actions and targets, plans into real outcomes.
Addressing the recent Vietnam Business Forum, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc reiterated the government’s commitment to perfecting market institutions policies, and laws, continuing administrative reform, enhancing national competitiveness, and facilitating conditions for the domestic private and FDI sectors.
He said: “FDI businesses should trust in Vietnam’s reforms and accelerate the transfer of advanced technology, human resource training, and the sharing of corporate governance experience. FDI enterprises should also honor their responsibility to society and join hands with Vietnam in protecting natural resources and the environment.”
He also admitted that the new Government was facing challenges that need to be tackled, including the severe drought and saltwater intrusion in the Central Highlands and Mekong Delta, business closures and limited revenue for the State budget. Public concern over traffic and food safety also needed to be addressed.
In the socio-economic development strategy until 2020, Vietnam has pledged to create the most favorable conditions for Vietnamese enterprises, especially private businesses, to promote competitiveness and economic self-reliance. Vietnam should perfect its market mechanism and market-oriented approach. The socio-economic development plan for 2016-2020 should be aimed to bring about greater benefits for people. ODA capital also needs to be used in a more effective fashion in order to promote the private economic sector.
Vietnam will work harder to revamp business climate, improve competitiveness, and have key business climate criteria comparable to the average of Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand – four other ASEAN countries. It will also encourage innovation, start-up and private businesses, he said.
PM Phuc said all advices and recommendations from people and businesses are useful for Government agencies to precisely evaluate Vietnam’s situation and development prospects amid complex and unpredictable developments in the world, thereby devising appropriate measures to realize the set objectives and plans. He also called for the WB and other development partners’ support to ensure social welfares, protect the environment and respond to climate change.
It is believed that with the Government’s commitments and strong actions, Vietnam will attain ambitious goals, and development partners will assist it with knowledge, experience and best practices./.
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Jane smartnic 1/2/17 19:30

Ensuring equality between economic sectors provides the private economic sector with more opportunities to access land and credit, even the resources of the public sector.

Love Peace 1/2/17 19:34

The government, ministries and sectors, as well as localities have to focus their efforts on improving the business environment and the nation’s competitive edge.

MaskOf Zero 1/2/17 19:39

all ministries, central and local governments should speed up the process of implementing and disbursing public investment funds in line with the 2016 budget plan, including the FDI and ODA.

LawrenceSamuels 1/2/17 19:45

To reach the goals, experts say, the Government will have to stabilise the macro economy, improve investment and business environments, and implement efficient economic restructuring to achieve greater productivity, higher quality and competitive ability.

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