Awareness of wrong and hostile views

In years of the Reform, hostile forces have relentlessly carried out “Peaceful evolution” plot and activities against the Vietnamese revolution. They use the guise of "democracy", "human rights", "ethnicity", "religion" to eliminate the leadership of the Vietnamese Communist Party and change the political regime in our country. Through the Internet, bloggers, hostile forces at home and abroad have combine to propaganda distortedly in an effort to defame the Party and the State, to divide the Party and the people. And, by spreading wrong ideas and opinions to our society, to the State officials and Party members, they want us to gradually promote "self-evolution," "self-transformation" to undermine the party and change the regime, so finally they would achieve the objective which the US president R.Nixon once said "victory without war."
Be aware of these “peaceful evolution" plots on the field of thought-culture, the Party and the State have made measures to promote a struggle against wrong and hostile views. In this struggle, we need to distinguish those hostile views from different opinions of the State officials, party members and other people to avoid "a handful of coconut shell" which will help us determine appropriate attitude and fighting methods. The difference between hostile views and other different opinions can be indicated in the following several points:
First is the motivation and purpose. The hostile forces often express their political perspectives in a frank way opposing the Party’s leadership and denying the socialist regime. Their firm purpose is trying to drive the country into the path of capitalism. On the other hand, the opinions of State officials and Party members, even when they discontent with the social corruption and incompetence in leadership and management, are always constructive, with  a general purpose of perfecting the policy and administration for national interests.
Second is the content of views. The wrong and hostile views always reject the key policy and the basic viewpoints of the Party. Specifically:
- Reject the basic principles or the entire foundation of the Party's ideology of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thought. They try in many ways to distort and deny the ideological foundation of the Communist Party and the founders of our nation.
- Distorted socialism both theoretically and experimentally, reject the socialist ideal and the path to socialism, praise and advocate for capitalism.
- Deny the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, provided any mistakes, shortcomings of the Communist Party.
- Finally overthrow the State and change the political regime in our country. Recently they have launched the so-called "civil society forum", spreading sorts of rival opinions on the Internet, social networking.
Third is the method. On the form of expression, the hostile views use bad words even taboo language against any popular courtesy.
Fourth is the identity.Those who hit the wrong and hostile views, mostly live abroad. They are overseas reactionaries and political opportunists who have violated the laws of Vietnam, filled with hatred for the regime. Of these, there are a number of former officials and party members, but now they have switched to "stake out the other side” they have repented and incidentally become hostile forces.
Fifth is way of expressing opinions. The hostile forces seek ways to propagate and spread wrong opinions on our mass media such as published books, newspapers abroad, producing video tapes, printed leaflets and try to spread into the country, even use foreign television, radio (such as RFI, RFA, BBC ...) in order to oppose the Party and the State.
Especially today based on the achievements of modern information technology, the hostile forces using the Internet, social networks, blogs to rapidly and effectively spread their views inside and outside Vietnam. The innovation of our country is a new, complex and unprecedented career. So it is hard to avoid mistakes. The matter here is not committed serious mistakes, quickly detect errors and resolutely adjust them. We must work study, learn from experience. Struggling with hostile forces and reactionaries, we also have to look at ourself, review the guidelines and policies of the Party and State to rightly fix defects and complete them. /.
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Huy Quốc 19/2/14 21:08

Yes, now people need to be aware of these views. We should be careful of reading and following those movements.

Quốc Kiên 19/2/14 21:15

People, especially the youth, should equip themselves with right and official political awareness.

Quân Hoàng 19/2/14 21:17

Don't let yourself be cheated and abused!

Vân Nhàn 19/2/14 21:23

You might find in their allegation some interesting, new things that you can't find in official sources, but they are not always true, even lies. So, you should carefully consider yourself before believe them.

Phạm Hiếu 19/2/14 21:30

I have never trusted any allegations, propaganda...from overseas objects those who haven't done anything good for country except sabotage

Hoàng Lân 19/2/14 21:34

These people just want to divide our unification and take their own benefit.

Lê Tín 19/2/14 21:37

Just believe what have been proved true and don't take any impulsive actions without thoughtful consideration.

Hùng Quân 19/2/14 21:40

Thanks this article, now we can identify these hostile views.

Huy Lâm 19/2/14 21:47

I believe different opinions are key factor for innovation and reform to perfect the reality, but we should discriminate which are constructive ones, which are hostile ones.

Quốc Cường 19/2/14 21:50

We need to understand their purpose and motivation, that's the matter.

Hùng Quân 19/2/14 21:53

I agree with Quốc Kiên, because the youth are the future of the nation.

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