Improving the effeciency of international cooperation on law


On February 14, 2014, the Ministry of Justice held a conference on implementation of international cooperation in 2014. Deputy Minister of Justice Le Thanh Long chaired the conference.
In 2013, the unified management of operational cooperation with foreign law was continuously promoted. The international cooperation activities of Vietnam Judiciary have been expanded and enhanced on all levels: bilateral, multilateral and regional (with nine Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding, 16 Plans on judicial and law cooperation), thereby supporting positively and effectively in creating and implementing legislation, carrying out strategic and long-term tasks of Ministry of Justice. Especially, the Ministry of Justice has reconnected and deepened legislative relations with Cuba - one of the important partners of Vietnam in Latin America, establishing new partnerships with the Justice Ministry of Austria, Romani and Sri Lanka. At the regional level, the Ministry of Justice has actively and responsibly participated in cooperation with the ASEAN region as chairman nation of Mutual Legal Assistance in Civil and Commercial among ASEAN, established cooperative relations between ASEAN and the Hague Conference on Private International Law (metabolic syndrome). The forums of law and  policy dialogue were organized regularly by the Ministry of Justice in collaboration with donor organizations which creating good conditions for mutual understanding between Vietnam and donors and promoting cooperation in law and judiciary .
However, international cooperation on law comprehensively lacks of content and collaborative subjects. The state management of cooperation with foreign countries in law has not met the requirements despite being more focused.
The Ministry of Justice determines that, in 2014 validity and efficiency of state management of international cooperation of law will continuously improved. Stepping up the conclusion, accession and implementation of international treaties and agreements on legal cooperation with the traditional and potential partners; well managing implementation of programs, projects worked by the Ministry of Justice's governing body as well as other programs with the participation of Departments from the Ministry; giving prominence to effeciency, practicality, transparency and accountability for international cooperation in the international law.
Speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister of Justice Le Thanh Long recognized and highly appreciated the positive results of international cooperation in 2013. Deputy Minister proposed that in 2014, international cooperation should focus on promoting institutional building, organizing and implementing effectively adopted projects; managing effectively programs and projects, strengthening research on engaging capability with institutions in international legal cooperation to meet the requirements in new era./.
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Huy Lâm 20/2/14 11:20

Well social management much depends on Law institution.

Hùng Quân 20/2/14 11:27

Supervising law implementation must be always along with law promulgation.

Phạm Hiếu 20/2/14 15:52

A developed country must have a legal perfect and comprehensive system of law

Quân Hoàng 20/2/14 15:57

Studying some Code of laws from the international community is very practical but must be consistent with the situation in Vietnam.

Huy Quốc 20/2/14 16:01

This is the practical activitie of Ministry of Justice to improve the legal system in accordance with the new era

Vân Nhàn 20/2/14 16:07

I agree with the Minister that we should give prominence to effeciency, practicality, transparency and accountability for international cooperation in the international law.

Hoàng Lân 20/2/14 16:13

Vietnam towards a society in which people live and work in accordance with law

Lê Tín 20/2/14 22:33

Vietnam's legal system must be watertight and as a deterrent means to society

Quốc Cường 20/2/14 22:39

I definitely agree with mr. Le Tin

Quốc Kiên 20/2/14 22:46

As I know that there are many excellent advocates in the world who are Vietnamese.

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