Illusion of a so-called “color revolution” in Vietnam


       Recently, the hostile forces and reactionary elements within and outside the country have urgently carried out many activities to rehearse a conspiracy against the Party and the State, to overthrow of the socialist regime in Vietnam or in other words, to conduct a "color revolution" , "flower revolution" in Vietnam .
        Looking back at history , the "color revolutions" in the world as in Slovakia (1998), "Jasmine Revolution" in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, "October 5th revolution" in Serbia , "Rose Revolution" in Georgia (2003), "Orange revolution" in Ukraine (2004), "Tulip revolution" in Kyrgyzstan (2005), "color Jeans revolution" in Belarus (2006) and the recent revolution in Egypt (2013)... all color revolutions happen quite similar in nature . The nature of these revolutions are taking military plot to use non-violent tactics associated with violence in many different levels to overthrow the regime and replace a new government .
        However, in many places , "color revolution" has not created a better change of politics, economy, social affairs even increased unrest in politics, protests in succession, dictatorship, inequality and made people’s life there increasingly miserable.
        In Vietnam, over times, the hostile forces and reactionaries at home and abroad led by Americans have thoroughly abused some websites, forums, social networks to continuously published articles, television programs, the dialogues of the BBC, RFI , RFA , VOA ... about the arrests of characters Do Thi Minh Hanh, Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, Truong Duy Nhat, Pham Viet Dao, Cu Huy Ha Vu, Le Quoc Quan, Nguyen Dinh Kha, Nguyen Phuong Uyen, Dinh Nhat Uy...  and about religious issues, land protests in local... to promote “peaceful evolution” strategy in order to incite unsuspecting gullible people , youth… to sign a petition against the administration causing social pressure and demonstrations in the name of patriotism but in fact just the act of disturbing public order. In the name of democracy, they have taken advantage of freedom of speech to slander and distort the policies of the Party and the State, causing loss of confidence on the part of people whose individual rights are abused and weak of political awareness... From which they’ve tried to incite individuals to claim "democracy and civil rights" through a political revolution .
        Vietnam is on the process of going toward socialism in the context of globalization, international integration. Though, economic situation and social affairs are in difficulty, and there’s still corruption , wastefulness in some local authorities and irresponsible officials..., in comprehensive evaluation, we are still growing with a strong economical growth and a political stability. Specifically, inflation has been restrained, market prices have been stabilized, people’lives, especially the poor’s and ethnic minorities’, are being improved by policies of supporting social housing loan, preventing corruption and wastefulness, maintaining political stability and social security.

       Vietnamese people have tradition of patriotism. It has been proven through a thousands-year history of protecting the fatherland. If we uphold the spirit of vigilance , acutely aware of conspiracies of enemies and persevere revolutionary path which the Party, Uncle Ho and our people have selected, the hostile forces and reactionaries at home and abroad will not have the opportunity to divide the national unity bloc  and can not conduct a so-called "color revolutions or flower revolution" to overthrow the people's democratic administration on the S-shaped  land strip.
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Huy Quốc 13/2/14 21:45

I agree with the writer. A color revolution in Vietnam is not good for our people at all.

Hùng Quân 13/2/14 21:49

Yeah, instead, we should focus our resources on a economic revolution.

Hoàng Lân 13/2/14 22:10

Persons who want to make a flower revolution which they name as "Lotus revolution" in Vietnam are dissidents. They just put their own benefits above the national interests. I don't see anything good they and their revolutions bring to Vietnam.

Vân Nhàn 13/2/14 22:15

Now, Vietnam has a political stability. Shall we risk that for unclear changes? Don't let Vietnam be a country like Egypt, Tunisia or even Thailand.

Quân Hoàng 13/2/14 22:20

To people who consider themselves as fighters struggling for freedom and democracy for Vietnam: thank, but we are happy now!

Lê Tín 15/2/14 21:52

Yes, we don't want any kind of violent revolutions like these countries, we have enough wars!

Quốc Kiên 15/2/14 21:56

Color revolutions mean chaos, don't be naive to believe their allegation.

Quốc Cường 15/2/14 21:59

We all see what those revolutions have brought for nations like Egypt, Tunisia...

Huy Lâm 15/2/14 22:04

What we need is political security not a damn revolution like that.

Phạm Hiếu 15/2/14 22:06
Nhận xét này đã bị tác giả xóa.
Phạm Hiếu 15/2/14 22:08

I think most Vietnamese people know what is best for them, we don't need anyone care about our democracy.

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