Vietnam on the way of International human rights


Nearly 66 years ago, on 10-12-1948, the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is one of the important documents. By which, all the countrie members of the United Nations have affirmed their belief in the fundamental human rights, in the dignity of every human person, in the equal rights of men and women, so that, has decided to promote the social advancement and better living conditions in the wider freedom ...
Before the August Revolution in 1945, Vietnamese people didn’t have any benefit of human rights values​​. When the independence and autonomy were taken, there’s no hope for human rights. French colonial forces only sought to serve the interests of France in spite of impoverishing the Vietnamese people. Thus, the noble significance of the August Revolution is crushing slavery, taking independence and self-determination for Vietnamese people, opening up new era for Vietnam, thereby striving to get better life. Therefore, Vietnamese people had gathered a solid mass under the leadership of the Vietnamese Communist Party to overcome the two wars against the French and American imperialism in struggle to protect and maintain independence - the first basic factor to build human rights, to develop harmonious unity between social benefits and private interests, between rights and obligations .
After nearly 30 years of Doi Moi, Vietnam has experienced remarkable growth in all sectors of society. In terms of the underdeveloped economy, poor infrastructure and heavy consequences of the wars, the Party and the State have led the country on each firm steps to economic growth and raised the living standards gradually, built the rules of law, promoted social justice, freedom and democracy
Only approaching human rights in spirit of humanity, on the broadest level, we could see why matters as women development, social security, alleviation of poverty, healthcare system and the policy for the development of minority groups have been given priority by the Party and the State. And that policy has been highly appreciated by governments and people worldwide. Not just concerning for human rights in the country, for many years, Vietnam has actively participated in the activities to advocate for human rights and contribute to the development of other peoples in the world. So that, Vietnam's prestige of practicing human rights has been recognized in the international relations and on 12th November, Vietnam has been elected as new members of the UN Human Rights Council with the most votes.
However, progress is only meaningful when human rights continue to be respected, continue to be realized in life. In the context that humankind is facing with many challenges, only international cooperation and unity can solve. And the first condition for international unity is human rights when everybody has rights of seeking happiness and interests. So, in a wide range and scope of full awareness, all governments in the world should have to promote human rights in their own country and over the world./.
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