Education must be renovated: Deputy PM


Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam stressed the need to reform the management of education in the country as well as the exam system at a February 13 conference, held by the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET).

The Hanoi event was to review the first semester and plan for the next, as well as to discuss education universilastion (access for all) and the 2014 examinations.
Praising efforts made by the education sector recently, the deputy PM said that the sector has used its strengths to handle promptly its weaknesses.
It is necessary to mobilise social resources to make pre-school education for five-year-old children universal, he said, noting the need to build schools within industrial zones for the children of workers.
For exams this year, the leader asked MoET to closely monitor secondary school’s graduation exams, prioritising the students’ needs.
“Any changes should be announced ahead of the school year so that students have time to prepare,” Deputy PM Dam said.
According to the MoET, due attention has been paid to pre-school universalisation for five-year-old children, while new effective teaching methodology has been rolled out.
Nursery schools are now present in most residential areas, the ministry said, adding that localities have planned land for more schools.
High on the agenda at the conference were changes to the secondary school graduation exams in 2014 and for the coming years.
Many agreed that by decreasing the number of subjects sat for the 2014 graduation exams from six to four, the pressure on students, as well as their parents, would be eased.   
Director of the Quang Binh provincial Department of Education and Training Doan Duc Liem said that although some students are exempt from sitting university exams, due to prior high-level achievements, the MoET must work to ensure equality between schools and localities.
As well as other suggestions, some participating said that foreign languages should be made compulsory.
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Huy Quốc 16/2/14 17:12

For the sake of ten year's benefit, we must plan trees. For the sake of hundreds years'benefit, we must cultivate people.

Hoàng Lân 16/2/14 17:14

investment in education is never wrong

Vân Nhàn 16/2/14 17:23

Improving intelectual standards of the people means improving national position in the world

Hùng Quân 16/2/14 18:44

Vietnam education system is failing to meet international demands. it nees a radical renovation.

Quân Hoàng 16/2/14 18:48

this is a right decision of the Vietnam Government

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