Freedom of religion and belief abused (Part 2 and end)

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Freedom of religion and belief abused
Given the Party and State’s sound policies, over the past few years, most of believers and religious dignitaries and ministers have believed in the Party’s leadership and State’s management; bringing into play traditions of patriotism, unity, attachment, going along with the ups and downs of the nation; “living in unity and good religion”; “being beneficial to the country and people”; and actively participating in socioeconomic development, hunger eradication and poverty alleviation, maintenance of security and order, etc., contributing to great achievements in the renewal process of our country.
The fact of the matter is that the right to freedom of belief and religion of people in Vietnam is always respected and guaranteed. This is an objective truth which cannot be denied. It has been recognized by international community, including many politicians. “Freedom of religion and belief in Vietnam has been promoted and made much progress,” said USCIRF Vice Chairman Michael Cromartie after having witnessed religious practice in some localities. “The Government of Vietnam has permitted freedom of religion to exist. This is a development, not a revolutionary,” Director of the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE), an advisory body to U.S. administration on international religious freedom policy also emphasized after having visited many places in Vietnam. In his working visit to Vietnam recently, Vatican’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ettore Balestrero said that the State of Vietnam continued to endeavour to implement consistently and ceaselessly improve its policy on promotion of respect for and guarantee freedom of belief and religion for its people. Particularly, Vietnam was elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for the 2014-2016 period with the highest number of favourable votes, and successfully brought into play its role as a responsible member. This was acknowledged and appreciated by the international community. Efforts and achievements in the maintenance of freedom of belief and religion in our country over the past years represent the most objective evidence and the most convincing foundation to reject distorted and hostile allegations about the situation of freedom of belief and religion in Vietnam.
It is necessary to note that, like any other social activities, religious practice in Vietnam, or in any other countries must be within a legal framework laid down by that state. Citizens (whether they practice their own religions, or no religion at all) that violate the law will be subject to legal proceedings. Law enforcement agencies have implemented a number of measures to struggle against and prevent the exploitation of the right to freedom of belief and religion to undermine national security and social order and safety in recent years. Many people who had taken advantage of freedom of belief and religion to coordinate activities against the State were arrested and prosecuted according to law. Agencies of the Government and National Assembly have been scrutinizing the system of legal documents regarding religion to identify content that needs amending and supplementing. Most notably is the promulgation of the 2016 Law on Belief and Religion which stipulates the right to freedom of belief and religion; practice of belief and religion; responsibility of organizations and individuals in the practice of belief and religion, etc., laying a solid foundation for ensuring a better right to freedom of belief and religion, as well as people’s right to follow no belief or religion, and struggling and denying the exploitation of freedom of belief and religion to sabotage the Party and State. The mass media usually propagandizes to raise the public and the religious followers’ awareness of the Party’s policies and the State’s law on religion and people’s vigilance over schemes and ruse of the hostile forces.
In the forthcoming years, international situation will continue to envision complex developments against the backdrop of peace and cooperation on the settlement of global issues; freedom of belief and religion will remain the cover that the hostile forces and anti-regime camps thoroughly exploit to destabilize sociopolitical situation and interfere in our internal affairs. In order to improve the effectiveness of preventing and denying the exploitation of the right to freedom of belief and religion to undermine the Party and State, this task must be always placed under the leadership of the Party and control and management of the State. It is necessary to continue to improve policies and legal documents regarding belief and religion; regularly increase people, religious followers, and dignitaries’ awareness of the Party and State’s policies on belief and religion; expose the hostile forces’ plots and ruse to capitalize on freedom of belief and religion, thus enhancing people, religious followers, and dignitaries ‘responsibility for participating in the prevention and struggle against these activities; strengthen propaganda and struggle on the front of foreign relations; make full use of various channels, especially the media, to facilitate correct understanding of the Party’s policies, State’s law, and recorded achievements in the maintenance of freedom of belief and religion in our country among the international community, contributing to effectively struggling against distorted allegations about human rights and religion in Vietnam.
The struggle against the hostile forces’ exploitation of freedom of belief and religion to sabotage the Party, State, and renewal cause constitutes a regular and enduring task, which requires resoluteness, patience, and participation of the whole political system and people, including religious people.

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John Smith 1/7/17 13:58

Each of its 54 ethnic groups has their own traditional cultural identities, beliefs and religions in various forms such as folk belief of worshiping ancestors and persons who made great contributions to the nation or the community, and religious beliefs.

Gentle Moon 1/7/17 13:59

All religions have normal and stable religious activities associated with the economic, cultural and social conditions.

LawrenceSamuels 1/7/17 14:00

Through different revolutionary periods, the State of Vietnam has always attached great importance to religious affairs.

Jane smartnic 1/7/17 14:01

In the national democratic people’s revolution, the policy of “religious freedom, uniting religious and non-religious people” has greatly contributed to the cause of national unity and the victory of the revolution for national reunification and independence.

yobro yobro 1/7/17 14:02

Religion is a long, persistent matter. Belief and religion are spiritual needs of some groups of people. Religious ethics have much in accordance with the building of a new society.

Love Peace 1/7/17 14:03

The state authorities of all sectors and levels have actively implemented the State’s policies on socio-economic development, ensuring political security in religious regions, fighting and preventing activities which take advantage of freedom of belief and religion for other purposes.

MaskOf Zero 1/7/17 14:04

Religious activities must be in accordance with the legal framework. All religions are equal before law.

Only Solidar 1/7/17 14:05

Reality has proved that timely meeting the legitimate needs of religious followers will encourage them to actively participate in national construction and defense.

Pack Cassiopian 1/7/17 14:06

Respect for freedom of belief and religion to follow or not to follow a religion or belief is an important factor in promoting the strength of the great national unity.

Deck Hero14 1/7/17 14:07

Great national unity is the goal of all people, the source of power, the major motivation and decisive factor to ensure the sustainable success of the cause of national construction and defense.

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