Prosecution of Dong Tam case is reasonable and a normal legal affair


The prior information that Hanoi authorities have prosecuted criminal cases with intentionally damaging property and illegally holding officers happened in Dong Tam, My Duc district, Hanoi. At the corridor of Vietnam’s National Assembly some members of the parliament have raised their voice about this decision.
'The law will have the appropriate forms, equal’ Mr. Đỗ Đức Hồng Hà, Standing Committee member of the Justice Committee of the National Assembly, said he was sharing with the minds of voters, people, by seeing decision to prosecute the case at Dong Tam.
Mr. Dương Trung Quốc said “Prosecution investigation is needed, to investigate how viewing levels across the whole incident of many different factors, of the people, of the public authorities. The law on the stabilization is to ensure long-term sustainability, but the conclusions relating to land must also clarify, including specific behavior with Kình. The people arrested some officers, including smashing phenomenon assets, it is the people got the error. Errors also extent the work of investigative agencies”
First of all people have to calm cooperate with investigating authorities to shed light on the incident. People should stay calm and consider this is very normal work of the state bodies authorized in accordance with the law. The need is to look at things on an equal basis with all people laws and state agencies. This prosecution is a normal job of the authorities and Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung, Chairman of Hanoi, will be responsible for reviewing the circumstances of the incident have at Dong Tam.
These delegates of the NA have showed support for the prosecution case. Prosecution can help clarify the facts investigated the matter, which clarifies the responsibilities of stakeholders and consider the aggravating, reduce people's Dong Tam commune.
This decision is a normal legal affair of the country, outside individuals and organizations should stay away from the Vietnam’s internal affair. Vietnam has its own law and who committed offences must be settled in accordance with the laws. No one stands beyond the laws./.

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Gentle Moon 10/7/17 19:44

Behind this incident there is always outside forces' hands, the authorities must be careful in dealing with these sensitive issues.

LawrenceSamuels 10/7/17 19:45

I toatlly agree with the decision of prosecution, no one stand above the law.

Deck Hero14 10/7/17 19:52

I have seen an overreaction of lawyer Trần Vũ Hải, who is so active in this case. The question is what his true intention, I do not believe that is for the people of Dong Tam.

Love Peace 10/7/17 21:02

This is a very sensitive issue, and it is anti-State elements, at home and abroad, have abused the issue to conduct their dark plots.

yobro yobro 10/7/17 21:04

Viet Tan and many foreign hostile organizations have taken advantages of this incident to cause chaos and instabilitiy in Vietnam.

MaskOf Zero 10/7/17 21:06

The government must settle this incident in accordance with the laws!

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