Internationally wanted Russian drug dealer arrested in central Vietnam

Bering at the police station

The woman had been working at a four-star hotel in Nha Trang resort town for nearly three years before being discovered.

Police in the central province of Khanh Hoa on Friday arrested a Russian woman internationally wanted by Interpol.
Ekaterina Bering, 47, was charged with illegal making, acquisition, storage, transportation, sending or sale of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances in large amount by Russian authorities.
Bering is the wife of a drug kingpin in Moscow. Russian police busted their drug ring in September 2013, but she managed to evade capture and fled abroad, according to Interpol.
Khanh Hoa police last month discovered that Bering had been hiding in Nha Trang, and arrested her when she showed up at a hotel on Tran Phu Street on Friday noon.
Bering claimed she arrived in Nha Trang in late 2014, and had been working at a local four-star hotel's spa since then.
Khanh Hoa police and the Ministry of Public Security are preparing to hand her over to Russian authorities.
In December last year, Vietnamese police also arrested a French man wanted by Interpol while he was staying in Nha Trang. Alexandre Allione Horeau was wanted for sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl in his home country.
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Pack Cassiopian 8/7/17 16:38

There is no place for criminals in Vietnam

Gentle Moon 8/7/17 16:39

Vietnamese police is among the best ones over the world

Deck Hero14 8/7/17 16:42

Due to freedom in Vietnam, there are more and more criminals who are seeking the way to this country

John Smith 8/7/17 16:45

Vietnam welcomes foreign visitors, investors... but not criminals

Love Peace 8/7/17 16:47

Vietnamese police has also arrested a lot of foreign criminals in Vietnam

Jane smartnic 8/7/17 16:52

Vietnam is an attractive destination for foreigners to come

yobro yobro 8/7/17 16:55

Thanks Vietnamese police for cleaning international criminals and keeping the world safer

Only Solidar 8/7/17 16:56

Vietnam is the most peaceful country that I've ever come

MaskOf Zero 8/7/17 16:59

Bravo Vietnamese police!

LawrenceSamuels 8/7/17 17:02

Bring her back to Russia for the trial

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