President emphasises task of caring for revolutionary contributors

President Tran Dai Quang presents gifts for residents at the nursing centre for revolutionary contributors

The Party and State always pay attention to caring for wounded and sick soldiers, and families of the martyrs, who laid down their lives for national independence, freedom and peace, President Tran Dai Quang has said.

The President made the emphasis in a piece of writing on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs' Day (July 27), in which he praised the great contributions of revolutionary contributors, and highlighted the tradition of taking care of those with credit to the nation.

Policies and regulations on supporting national revolutionary contributors in terms of health care and education have been implemented effectively throughout localities, as have had communications campaigns related, he said.

Cemeteries and monuments dedicated to martyrs nationwide have been upgraded and embellished, while the search, collection and identification of martyrs’ remains has been carried out with the greatest efforts, he added.

Apart from presenting gifts to wounded and sick soldiers, and their relatives, many organisations and individuals have actively joined in movements to help improve the spiritual and material lives of revolutionary contributors.

Thanks to tireless efforts, up to 97 percent of revolutionary contributors’ families have a living standard that is equal to or higher than the average in their residential areas. Many families of revolutionary contributors have made remarkable achievements in poverty reduction and economic development, contributing to the national socio-economic development.

In the writing, President Quang also stressed the need for the whole people to get involved in the caring work.

He called for more efforts to continue implementing effectively policies of the Party and State on assisting revolutionary contributors, focusing on widely popularising relevant policies and prominent outcomes in the work.

He also asked relevant sectors to review and perfect revolutionary contributors-related policies, enabling the beneficiaries to enjoy fully preferential treatments.

"Great sacrifices and contributions of war martyrs, wounded and sick soldiers, and their families are inscribed everlastingly in the heart of each Vietnamese, serving as a valuable spiritual encouragement source for the whole Party, people and army to successfully implement the national renovation, industrialisation and modernisation cause and international integration,” he concluded.
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John Smith 29/7/17 15:56

In the last 7 decades, Vietnam has gained achievements in tributes to war martyrs, invalids and national contributors thanks to numerous policies and movements of paying debts of gratitude.

Gentle Moon 29/7/17 15:57

The movements of paying debts of gratitude have expanded. In the last 10 years.

LawrenceSamuels 29/7/17 15:58

The movements of caring for war invalids, families of martyrs, and national contributors have involved everyone in society and have been featured at major forums.

Jane smartnic 29/7/17 15:59

The State has paid due attention to the search for and repatriation of soldier remains and the creation of memorial monuments.

yobro yobro 29/7/17 16:01

The activities have educated the younger generation about Vietnam’s triumphant history and encouraged them to work harder for national construction.

Love Peace 29/7/17 16:02

The events have helped young people learn more about history and the national resistance wars, and rallied them to activities to pay gratitude to social beneficiaries.

MaskOf Zero 29/7/17 16:04

We want to remind young people of our traditions and of our ancestors’ merits. They should fully understand their responsibility in national construction and defense.

Pack Cassiopian 29/7/17 16:04

Young people have participated in programs to pay gratitude to martyrs, invalids, and their families.

Only Solidar 29/7/17 16:05

We pledge to study harder and follow the moral example of the soldiers. We’ll contribute our youth and knowledge to building a more prosperous Vietnam.”

Deck Hero14 29/7/17 16:06

The anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs Day is an opportunity for young people to take care of national contributors and their families.

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