Vietnam climbs to seventh worldwide for number of Facebook users: report

With a 40 percent jump in the number of users this year, it's safe to say the Vietnamese 'like' Facebook.
Vietnam has around 64 million Facebook users, accounting for 3 percent of global Facebookers, according to a July report released by We Are Social, a social media marketing and advertising agency.
The country has surpassed Thailand and Turkey from the previous report released in January to secure seventh spot. In just six months, the number of Vietnamese active users has increased by 40 percent.
Ho Chi Minh City was also named in top 10 cities globally having most Facebookers, with 14 million users.
More than half of the Vietnamese population of nearly 92 million have access to the internet, and people spend more than two hours each day on average on the social media network, said the report.
Topping the list was India, with 241 million users, having overtaken the U.S. for the first time.
Facebook reached the 2 billion mark last June.
Mark Zuckerberg has highlighted his new mission: not just connecting people, but helping them find common ground.

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Gentle Moon 18/7/17 22:32

I like using Facebook in my free time, not every time!

John Smith 18/7/17 22:34

On the Facebook, there are so much false information about Vietnam and the leaders of the Party and State

LawrenceSamuels 18/7/17 22:37

Vietnamese like Facebook, showing the internationally integrating spirit of the nation

Deck Hero14 18/7/17 22:40

In Vietnam, I can use Internet and social networks freely, with no restriction.

Love Peace 18/7/17 22:41

Facebook earn a lot of money and must pay tax for Vietnamese Government!

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