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When the final calendar of 2014 was taken down, a lot of people around the world were relieved because a year of disaster have passed. As for Vietnam, 2014 is full of challenges such as natural disasters, epidemics, complex situation in the South China Sea and the limitations as well as weaknesses of the economy have been accumulated for many years.
In this context, the Party, National Assembly and Government of Vietnam frankly acknowledged and pointed out weaknesses in internal socio-economic background as basis to issue a number of important documents with the proper orientation of leadership, direction and administration, in which prioritize macroeconomic stability, sustain growth at a reasonable level along with innovating growth model and restructuring the economy; social security; national sovereignty, political stability; national defense; security and social order; improve efficiency and external activities of international integration.
Thanks to the efforts of the whole Party, the entire army and people and all political system, we have achieved positive results. Macroeconomics has been improved, inflation is at its lowest in 10 years. Gross domestic product (GDP) of Vietnam in 2014 increased by 5.98% in comparison with 2013, exceeding the target of 5.8% set by National Assembly. The growth rate in 2014 of 5.25% higher than it was in 2012 and an increase of 5.42% in 2013. The decrease in interest rates from 1.5% to 2% per year over the end of 2013. Export turnover reached $150 billion, an increase of 13.6% over the previous year. Exchange rate is stable, confidence in Vietnam dong is raised. Foreign-exchange reserves hit a record.
The success of efforts to overcome the difficulties of Vietnam in 2014 show bravery and creation of the Communist Party of Vietnam, confirmed the belief of the society to the Party. Under the leadership of the Party, with the effort and synergy of the political system, the strata and the efforts of enterprises, the government has made timely decisions, including the resolution on enhancing competitiveness and removing difficulties for enterprises. The ministries and local authorities, have issued timely programs. Belief between people and the Party gives the power for the entire nation of Vietnam to overcome difficulties in 2014 and create momentum for Vietnam in 2015 - the last year for implementing plan of socio-economic development in 5 years (2011-2015), ends eleventh term of Congress of the Party as well as the year of the Twelfth Congress. The year 2015 is expected to have many opportunities and new challenges. World economic situation is unstable. Domestic economy is more difficult in resolving public debt and bad debt. Field of education and training, health, culture, sports still contain many shortcomings. The social problems such as crime, accidents, traffic congestion, poluted environment are the insolvable problems in society... In fact, it requires to urgently implement economic restructuring, which focuses on restructuring the investment with public investment; restructuring of state-owned enterprises that focus on corporations, state corporations; restructuring the financial system that focuses on commercial banking; innovative growth model to move from developing by the width to developing in depth based on the application of advanced science and technology, improving the quality of human resources to boost productivity, quality, effectiveness for rapidly economic development and sustainability.
While focusing on effort to respond to challenges, difficulties in social-economic problems, we should pay special attention to ensure a solid defense and security and strengthen the external environment and conducive conditions for stability and development of the country.
Our bravery and confidence shone in the struggle for national independence and reunification. Bravery and confidence that will continue to shine in this year. Fellow, soldiers throughout the country and overseas compatriots should raise the patriotic spirit, solidarity, effort, taking advantage of favorable opportunities to overcome difficulties and challenges, implementation succesfully plan for socio - economic development in 2015.
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Phạm Hiếu 8/1/15 12:08

The Vietnamese economy has shown positive signs of recovery.

Quốc Kiên 8/1/15 12:09

In the opinion of domestic and foreign economists, however, Vietnam still needs to be cautious in implementing its economic development tasks.

Huy Lâm 8/1/15 12:10

Although it still showed some signs of instability, the Vietnamese economy has undergone positive changes towards sustainability in the last several years.

Quốc Cường 8/1/15 12:11

Foreign investors had shown greater trust and interest in the Vietnamese market. Notably, there have been better assessments of the Vietnamese investment environment. These assessments will have a great impact on Vietnam.

Lê Tín 8/1/15 12:12

Most key Vietnamese economic sectors such as agriculture, industry and services had growth prospects.

Quân Hoàng 8/1/15 12:13

The real estate market had shown signs of recovery and direct and indirect investment flows increased.

Huy Quốc 8/1/15 12:14

Thanks to export growth achieved by businesses with foreign direct investment (FDI), Vietnam saw its foreign currency reserves reach a record high. Another positive factor is the stable foreign exchange rate.

Hoàng Lân 8/1/15 12:15

Looking at the recovery of the Vietnamese economy over the last 10 months, economists even showed optimism about the feasibility of the 6.2 percent economic growth and five percent inflation targets set for 2015.

Vân Nhàn 8/1/15 12:16

Vietnam should not be too optimistic about what it had achieved and instead remain cautious in implementing its development tasks.

Hùng Quân 8/1/15 12:17

The Vietnamese economy is showing both positive and negative signs. In the short term, however, Vietnam should concentrate on maintaining economic stability rather than promoting rapid growth. A 5.8 percent growth target set for the Vietnamese economy next year is absolutely feasible.

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