The mission of the Party’s members in the new period

           Each members are trying to improve themselves to build the Party better and stronger 

After 30 years of innovation, with the efforts of the entire Party, people and army, our country has achieved great and historic achievements. Those achievements with the bright past, the glorious battle in wars of national liberation and defense, have confirmed the important role of the the Communist Party of Vietnam in the leadership of the people and nation.

For the ruling Communist Party, the Party's leadership capacity can not be restricted to what has achieved or satisfied with past achievements. The Party cannot stop training to raise the leadership capacity, fighting force, which are required with the development of the whole nation and upward trend of the times. And this work must be done not only at the leadership level, central officials, local officials and departments, agencies, but also by each member of the Party.
Different from other classes of society, the Party’s members are a block of people in a political parties, who have same political direction, striving goal and being organized to become a fighting force. In all fruits of the people's revolution always has great role of the Party’s members. On the other hand, weaknesses, shortcomings and mistakes of the Party, the slowdown and difficulties of the country have always the members’ responsibility.
Since the implementation of the reforms, facing many difficulties, obstacles, especially when entering the market mechanisms, international integration, members of the Communist Party of Vietnam have continuously grown in quantity and quality. Along with the great achievements in the past, which has marked deeply in the long-lasting history of the nation, the Party’s members have been trying to develop the glorious tradition, actively fulfill the tasks in the area of socio-economics, security and defense and foreign affairs, have a decisive contribution to the success of the reform of the country. With the leadership of the Party, the country has gained a lot of glorious achievements during the revolution and 30 years of innovation, the appearance of the country and the position of Vietnam in the international arena have been changing positively, that have confirmed the contribution of all members of the Communist Party of Vietnam.
However, it is undeniable that the Party and all of the Party’s members are facing enormous challenges, not only for ideological foundation, revolutionary ideals, the Party’s leadership to the people the survival of the regime, but also the life of the party and its entirely 4 million members.
One of the pressing issues which has been currently emerging is one part of officials and the Party’s members, including high ranking ones who hold leadership positions or managing... have been degrading in political ideology, ethics, lifestyle, with the various manifestations of the ideals fade, falling into selfish individualism, chasing fame and opportunity, pragmatism, money, corruption, waste ... They have forgotten their own vows, the vows of the Party’s members.
Not only some high-ranking staffs having manifestations of bureaucracy, unfriendly with the people but also even some normal members at somewhere and sometimes... having same the manifestations. This makes the lines of our Party members are crowded but not strong, the leadership and combativeness do not meet the demands of its task. This due to the quality of the members is not high, not really deserving the leading group as Uncle Ho had wished. The main and deep roots of the poor quality of the Party members are located in each member, in awareness of their position and role, in the striving, practicing and self-discipline.
To raise the leadership and fighting capacity of the Party, firstly starting from the work of building the lines of the Party’s members, in which focus in completing the reform direction, ideology, ethics training, lifestyle, personnel management, the inspection and supervision; constantly innovating the method of the leadership, especially against degradation, deterioration, strongly fight against corruption etc. In the current situation, improving the quality of team members is crucial. This is a tremendous force to build and defend the way, the policy of the Party, the firm foundation of the organization, personnel management, inspection, supervision and other activities of the Party.
Party members, including senior and normal members, are all communists. All members have to highly aware of their role and responsibilities, therefore we must strive to learn and practice self-discipline to be qualified in knowledge and capacity to fulfill the assigned tasks, uphold the leadership and exemplary role in labor, production and lifestyle. Firmly expelled from the lines of Party’s members who has been degenerated, deteriorated in political ideology and ethics, corruption
To build up the lines of the Party members that is truly high quality, deserving as pioneering team of the Party, sticking with the people, is the great responsibility of all of us. /.

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Phạm Hiếu 24/1/15 18:03

the Communist Party of Vietnam as the vanguard

Quân Hoàng 24/1/15 18:04

During its 80 years of development, the CPV has worked for the interests of the working class, the people, and the nation

Huy Quốc 24/1/15 18:04

The Party has led the revolution, the nation, and society and ruled the nation with the people’s confidence. We affirm the Party’s role in the renewal period which has various complex developments

Hoàng Lân 24/1/15 18:06

the Party is closely associated with the people, serves the people, is supervised by the people, and takes responsibility before the people for its decisions

Vân Nhàn 24/1/15 18:07

I suggest that the Constitution state that the people supervise the Party in line with the law on social supervision and criticism. We should have regulations for supervising the Party and Government.

Hùng Quân 24/1/15 18:08

the Party’s organizations and all Party members are subject to the Constitution and law

Huy Lâm 24/1/15 18:10

that activities of Party organizations and members must be under the Constitution and law. This is a strict regulation on the performance of the Party, its organizations and members

Lê Tín 24/1/15 18:11

the Party organizations or members violating the law will be dealt with operation in accordance with the law and the Party’s regulations

Quốc Kiên 24/1/15 18:13

the people have the right to criticize the Party’s guidelines and policies

Quốc Cường 24/1/15 18:14

The Party’s leadership is undeniable but in order to meet the needs of social development

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