Proactively improve the quality of FDI

Attracting and using foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2014 has made significant progress over the last few years. According to the General Statistics Office, the total FDI attracted in the year 2014 reached $20.2 billion, exceeding 19% higher than planned. Besides, real FDI is maintained a positive trend with the number of $12.4 billion for 2014, increased 7.4% as compared with the previous year and 2.9% higher than planned.
Total investment of the FDI sector increased by 10.5% in 2014, made up 21.7% of the total social capital, corresponding to contribute nearly 20% of GDP, more than 50% of the value of industrial production and more than two-thirds of total exports of the country. It was not only impressed by the figure, quality of FDI also made significant progress. On the one hand, FDI is continuously poured into the leading-edge sectors such as processing and manufacturing industry, making the proportion of the total registered capital of 71.6% in 2014, on the other hand, this investment is to reduce the difficulties in the market when pouring 17.8% of total registered capital in the business project of real estate and construction.
In 2015 and the coming years, Vietnam will certainly continue to be an attractive destination for foreign investors with the increased scale of FDI, the number of FDI projects will be much more diverse and wider in many sectors, areas because the investment environment is being actively improved along with the deeper level of international economic integration. To utilize more effectively the FDI resource, beside the efforts to improve the quantity and quality, it is time for us to be more proactive in improving the quality of attracting and using FDI through strategies to use and attract methodically the FDI and link inextricably with strategies of economic growth and industrialization, modernization of the country.

Orienting FDI in the sector to create more added value for Vietnam, using high technology instead of outdated technology; using qualified and skilled employment rather than unskilled labors; creating more competitive commercial products or services on the domestic and international market; enhancing spread of FDI to the manufacturing sector and business in the country based on the establishment of links, economic cooperation in the environment for fair and healthy competition. Besides, the quality of FDI is only enhanced and ensured a while we attempt to overcome the limitations related to FDI shortcomings revealed in the last time.
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Huy Quốc 29/1/15 16:18

Foreign invested projects have significantly contributed to the development of the country’s infrastructure by improving production capacity and technological renovation.

Vân Nhàn 29/1/15 16:21

Foreign invested projects have also contributed significantly to stimulating economic growth by expanding the types and quality of export products as well as resulted in an ever-widening of the global export markets.

Lê Tín 29/1/15 16:22

These factors directly translate into improved business efficiencies and in turn raise the competitive edge of Vietnamese goods and services.

Quốc Kiên 29/1/15 16:23

However, in the context of fierce competition in the region and the world, foreign investment in Vietnam still faces obstacles and challenges which need to be adequately resolved if economic sustainability is to be achieved.

Quân Hoàng 29/1/15 16:24

One chief obstacle that concerns many leading market analysts is that foreign investment is overly dependent and directly linked to the ups and downs of the global economy. As the global economy declines so does foreign investment and vice versa, thereby adversely affecting sustainability

Hoàng Lân 29/1/15 16:26

Vietnam’s FDI growth is far behind other regional countries. Most FDI projects in Vietnam are relatively small with registered capitalisation of US$100-500 million on average. The larger invested projects, those with more than US$1 billion projects, comprise just 0.2% of the total.

Hùng Quân 29/1/15 16:27

FDI attraction could be improved by continuing to improve human resources, further developing the legal system and eliminating draconian policies that are difficult to understand or implement, and sometimes contradictory.

Quốc Cường 29/1/15 16:29

Vietnam needs to accelerate administration reform, improve infrastructure, develop the support industry and high-qualified human resources, adjust technology transfer regulations, and enhance the efficiency of law enforcement to attract more FDI capital.

Huy Lâm 29/1/15 16:30

The country should be more selective and ensure that only high-quality projects with high added value and using environmentally friendly technologies are granted investment certificates.

Phạm Hiếu 29/1/15 16:33

Several criminal businesses make use of some loopholes to carry out illegal trading, and this must be strictly prohibited soon.

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