Firmly push back harmful information to the country

                                                         Lies on the Internet

Recently, foreign websites and some domestic websites,which have admin overseas, has been aggressively sabotaging Vietnamese revolution with sophisticated, cunning and sinister tricks.
Being conscious of "the matrix of information"
There is an obvious common ground that, whenever our country have prominent negative cases that are brought to light of the public, and then the websites all react strongly with subjective information, making things worse than reality, drawing nature from some bad phenonmena. For example, they consider that a few business groups are running ineffectively, causing losses "will lead to the collapse of the economic model of state, that is inevitable" (!). They said the prosecution, adjudication of some banking cases are "signs of the collapse of the banking system in the near future" (!). They took some complicated disputes in land management as evidence of “the outdated land ownership management mechanism in Vietnam and this mechanism is all to serve for the rich, officers and businessmen”(!). Obviously, this kind of "statements, comments" come from a very unfriendly attitude, impose subjectively or even ambiguously and spiteful.
On the other hand, they are trying to show that they are very objective in analyzing problems and caring things for the future and destiny of the country. In fact, these “democrats”, “freedom-fighting journalists” and “peace-loving bloggers” have always been conducting propaganda campaigns against the Party and Government by using distorted information. By using this information, they are intentionally making a change of the frontier of good-bad, true-false, right-left, messing content information, misleading public opinion, leading people to “the matrix of information”. This is a kind of "trap of information" that is very subtle and sinister; if someone lack bravery and unconsciousness, they will easily to be trapped. Then, the hostile forces are partially successful in their bad plan.
Firmly push back toxic information
Not only taking advantage whenever the country is at the hard time, but also when country is having big events, the hostile websites have intentionally been using backward attitudes, old tricks to sabotage interests of the people.
At the anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, March 2nd, there are misleading information spreading all around the websites, such as "one-party communist regime is against the movement of the time"," the single-party regime make the country backward"(!) ... At the April 30th victory, they said that " It was a domestic war between brothers"(!). They even distort information about the Great President Ho Chi Minh, they giving doubt about the President’s thought, opposing Marxism - Leninism (!). Or recently, when the Army has just celebrated 70 years of establishment in the joy of the whole Party and the people and the admiration of many friends in the world, there is still the odd information, such as "Military Vietnam People's Army must be neutral, standing outside the control of the Communist Party, then this truly is the people's army "(!) ...". Obviously, the wrong information it is difficult to "fool" the majority of Vietnamese people, but they are still trying to gradually change communist young generations"!
It should be recalled one thing that is not new, but always meaningful: One of the conspiracy that the enemy is pursuing to take advantage of the "flat world" to undermine the ideological-culture foundation of our country. With the motto "Investing $ 1 for culture front is more effective than $ 10 for military front," in recent years, they have spent millions of dollars on the construction of infrastructure, shopping equipment, technical facilities and training personnel to form "information imperialism", which is aim at transforming ideology, changing cultural values, overturning the ethical standards society in our country. According to the authorities, there are 62 radio having Vietnamese programs, 390 newspapers, magazines and 88 publishers, 397 sites, blogs, social networking providing and posting toxic information to Vietnam. Every day, every hour, every minute, the newspapers, radio programs, websites, blogs, social networks are distorting the status of the economy, society and culture of our country, about our Gov and Party; simultaneously advocating self-center lifestyle and fooling the younger generation to seek "new horizons" with illusions, which are far from reality.
To prevent the people from toxic information and be conscious with the hostile forces’s plot. We must actively provide official information in time and reliably to guide people's opinion; the authorities need to promote education and raise awareness, especially for the younger generation to realize right information. By doing this, the people will have a "cultural filter" for accessing, searching and enjoy the standard information, humanities, and having enough "resistance" to wrong adverse or toxic information. For the websites and blogs that intentionally committed in providing toxic information, must be "closed" to make a clean and healthy environment of information in our country./.
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Quân Hoàng 11/1/15 10:36

You cannot rely on the outside websites for proper information. They don't help to build this country, they work for opposing forces that want the country be backward and destroyed by wars.

Huy Quốc 11/1/15 10:39

The hostile forces are using war of word to attack our country, bring down the leadership of the Party.

Hoàng Lân 11/1/15 10:42

Everyone try to get the facts from the matrix of information

Vân Nhàn 11/1/15 10:48

I will not blindly trust information I find online

Hùng Quân 11/1/15 10:58

They are using seeds of suspicion to make the people turn their back on the Party, the leaders. This plot is very dangerous.

Phạm Hiếu 11/1/15 11:03

You must be conscious to distinguish good and bad information online. Because there are so much information is intentionally created to cheat you.

Huy Lâm 11/1/15 11:07

You can't always believe what you read. That old adage is even more appropriate in today's web-dominated world of communication

Lê Tín 11/1/15 11:13

Bloggers is supported to write bad information about the country, the leadership of the Party, the circulation of the Government and the lifves of leaders.

Quốc Cường 11/1/15 11:18

I think the Government needs to take strict measures to handle this problem.

Quốc Kiên 11/1/15 11:20

Bloggers who posted articles with bad content and incorrect information that reduce trust in state agencies should be arrested and punished.

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