Consolidate and expand Vietnam’s tourism markets

In 2014, Vietnam's tourism met with difficulties because of negative fluctuations from two important markets are China and Russia. The situation led to a fact that if Vietnam’s touriam do not give solution soon to strengthen key markets and open access to new potential markets, it will be very difficult to make a breakthrough in the development of this industry.
Focus on key markets
The tourism industry in 2015 promise to recover strong growth. However, the picture of the tourism market in 2014 was seen as a clear warning about the dependency and lack of flexibility in advertising and promotion as well as market expansion of the “smokeless industry”. An evidence given that with decline of a large amount of Chinese tourists, in the end of 2014, Vietnam's tourism industry was affected when the tourist market of Russians spend with a heavy hand fell into crisis because of the economic crisis and the ruble devaluation  made pockets of Russian people strongly deficient.
We can say, two key markets including China and Russia stalled promptly really made a negative impact on tourism of Vietnam. Only the Russian guests who love travel, resort in the South Central Coast of Vietnam in the peak season ago, each visitor from this country can afford to $1500 per day - a figure that tourism of any country always want.
However, the sluggish in assessing changes and passive dependence  in the hot market the led tourism on priority is shrinking. It does not increase profits but even reduce revenues. For example, mentioning the Russian tourist market, a business in Khanh Hoa said that: Tour organizers in Russia always find ways to discount the price but require higher quality. When their market goes difficult to bankrupt has made travelling companies of Vietnam fall into dilemma because of the fact that we could not react and suffer major damage. As a result when the two major markets have problems, we can not achieve enough targets to welcome 8.5 million international visitors in 2014.

Entering 2015, the above situation is forecast to continue and remain unpredictablely end or not in short coming time. Just so, the tourism industry of Vietnam should find out a solution as soon as possible with particular emphasis on correcting stitch of advertising and constantly promote and expand tourism markets.The lesson of passive dependence on hot market seriously needed to acquire in order to draw lessons for the turbulent years ahead of the tourism in the region and the world, if not we will be difficult to break through the big obstacle.
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