When the extremists speak

Not only France but also the whole world was shaken and stunned because of tragedy occurred at noon in Paris. The masked gunmen arrested and forced a female artist with her daughter to enter the security code to open Charlie Hebdo office - one of satirical weekly newspapers, locates on Nicholas-Apperl Street in the center of Paris. After opening the door, the submachine gunmen darted into the newsroom, even asked for the name of each person before shooting to kill 12 victims.
All the tragedy occurred within 5 minutes.
It was perturbing because it can be seen as the biggest massacre in France since 1961, during the war in Algeria.
It was shocked because 12 people were killed in this bloody attack. Among the victims, there are at least four artists among the top French caricaturists. They are editor and artist Stephane Charbonier - Charb pseudonym; Jean Cabut - Cabu pseudonym; George Wolinski; Bernard Verlhac -Tignous pseudonym. 
Signature” under this bloody work was a familiar “author”: Al-Qaeda. More precisely, it may be Al-Qaeda branch in Yemen. Some witnesses at the scene of the massacre said the attackers told a witness: “Tell the media that this is Al-Qaeda Yemen”. 
French authorities immediately set high alert across France and in the capital, Paris. Now there is initial information about the arrest and killing some suspects.
The first question posed that whether there is reasonable security vulnerability in the system of law enforcement agencies in France for the terrorists or extremists to take advantage for attacking and causing another tragedy or not?
And is it true that the problem is only the security or any thing else?
This is not the first time the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo has been attacked. In 2011, the editor Stephane Charbonier was threatened to kill, newspaper’s editorial office was attacked with petrol bombs when drawing the Muslims prophet Mohammed on the cover and called him editor” of this caricatural newspaper!
But that was just a “benign” form of Charlie Hebdo on topics related to Islam. If following series of cartoons on the weekly newspaper, we could see the topics related to Islam sometimes expressed in the form of extremely shocking to many people, even those who are not Muslims. 
The newspaper Charlie Hebdo's artists do not limit their idea within Islamic topics. It is possible for them that there is no taboo subject and every bound could be exceeded. Both former President and incumbent President or both the Pope and Jews can become the satirical objects of Charlie Hebdo. The artist can paint with shocking words to mock bitterly and venomously about women, about the politician of extreme right Le Pen or bad habits of French. 
But when joking with the innocuous topics involving only French or even the taboo subjects relating to Western culture, the newspaper Charlie Hebdo was safe, though it was once closed and renamed in 1970s of last century.
However the cartoons and commentary related to other religions, particularly Islam, were the joke of death because many Muslims do not consider that the joking words. They consider it blasphemy, the aggressive behavior of religion. 
The artist in newspaper Charlie Hebdo as well as a lot of supporters believe that the newspaper's operations within the framework of freedom of expression, one of the fundamental values of a civilized society.
But for some Islamists who feel to be offended by the cartoons on Charlie Hebdo newspaper, the newspaper also represents a radical press.
When no media to confront, the choice is violent extremism.
In 2011, Charlie Hebdo newspaper was just attacked with petrol bombs so that their editorial office was burnt. But the attack at the last January 7 noon to the newspaper has caused heavy casualties on the people and made the international community horrified.
All terrorist acts must be condemned; perpetrators must be punished.
The attack raised a serious alarm bells, not oonly on the security hole but also on terrorism which was promptly adjusted to adapt to the anti-terrorist operation on a large scale, at the global level. Now, we do not act according to the dictates of a certain centers, which sometimes inspired by the behavior, the symbol of terrorism and therefore, it is difficult to predict, anticipate prior to prevent. 
The attack also raises a hard question to answer, forcing people to think that how far people can go in freedom of speech, freedom of the press as well as thinking for universal values while respecting the distinct values in a changing world.
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Huy Quốc 14/1/15 18:47

Is Spectator going to publish a Muhammad cartoon to prove that we still have a free press?

Vân Nhàn 14/1/15 18:49

There will be acres of coverage from the MSM debating the pros and cons of free speech, as there is every time.

Alas, if no-one will reproduce the cartoons for fear of causing upset, what is the point of talking about freedom of free speech?

They have all miserably caved in to the terrorists.

Lê Tín 14/1/15 18:50

Editors of today’s front pages have chosen to headline an attack on civilization as an event, and a tragedy, and have all missed a crucial opportunity to show solidarity with Charlie Hebdo by exposing the truth behind Islam, its ‘ prophet’ and its mafia style gangsterism.

Quốc Kiên 14/1/15 19:15

as they will continue to do….leaving us all defenceless in the face of the coming horrors.

Phạm Hiếu 14/1/15 19:16

The attack is not on freedom but against biased and prejudiced reporting, that’s the real reason for the attack, not tolerance and freedom of expression.

Huy Lâm 14/1/15 19:19

And that’s where part of the problem of Moslem intolerance originates. The same principle of freedom of thought and speech that enables Moslems to freely practice their religion also allows Islam to be criticised. So instead of condemning Charlie Hebdo, Moslems should celebrate and defend its virulent attacks on Islam.

Quốc Cường 14/1/15 19:21

Come on Spectator, do tell us why all the earlier tweet responses to this piece–and there were several hundred — have mysteriously been obliterated?

Hùng Quân 14/1/15 19:23

You obviously believe in free speech but does that also include the freedom to state that homosexuality is an abomination? Or will I be arrested for stating that?

Hoàng Lân 14/1/15 19:25

You obviously believe in free speech but does that also include the freedom to state that homosexuality is an abomination? Or will I be arrested for stating that?

Quân Hoàng 14/1/15 20:30

If you seriously believe the bible is infallable then you are no better than any other extremist zealot from any world ‘religion’

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