Vietnamese troops in the Cambodian eyes

                                           Vietnamese troops were welcomed by Cambodian

In response to the ask of the Unite Rescue Front of Cambodia, the Cambodian people, the Party, State and people of Vietnam and the Army had carried out the legitimate right to defend their sacred nation and help Cambodian people from genocide disaster and destroy Pol Pot stronghold. Consider that "Love for Cambodian as our Vietnamese", so when being in Cambodia, Vietnamese troop always cherished the people and of Cambodia, protected their property carefully and never take anything of Cambodian for ourselves.
After the liberation of Phnom Penh (July 1st 1979) Vietnamese volunteer troops have not only continued to help the revolutionary forces pursued the remnants of Pol Pot, but also involved in organizing the lives of the people in Cambodia for 10 years.
Being helped by Vietnamese volunteer, "be fed when hungry and be cured when sick", gradually the Cambodian people understood the Vietnamese volunteer soldiers were to help the people of Cambodia escape from genocide disaster. Since then, the people of Cambodia were alongside with the Vietnamese troops to sweep the remnants of Pol Pot, the relationship between soldiers - people of Vietnam and Cambodia had become closer.

35 years after the overthrow of the genocide regime of Pol Pot, Cambodia is revived, the lives of the people of Cambodia are constantly being improved, the prestige and position of Cambodia are now being enhanced rapidly on the international arena. The solidarity between the two peoples of Vietnam - Cambodia has become more intimate. The sincere help of the Party, State and volunteer troops of Vietnam is now still being remembered in the hearts of all Cambodian people.
“Uncle Ho’s soldiers - People’s troops” is the noble title that Vietnamese people present to the Vietnam People’s Army’s officers and troops. That is also what the Cambodian people conferred to Vietnamese army men. This fact has been proven through stories collected during the search and gathering remains of fallen Vietnamese volunteer troops and experts in Cambodia.
For years, whenever the staff of the search team K72 of Binh Phuoc provincial Military Command came to Cambodia for the search of remains of fallen Vietnamese soldiers of different periods, they always received a warm reception from Cambodian troops and people as welcoming home their own relatives after a long period of time.
The sentiment and care reserved by Cambodian troops and people for members of the search team K72 grew deeper and deeper with every passing day. Apart from offering good accommodation, they also introduced Vietnamese team to the Cambodian witnesses, sent staff as guides and ensured security for them. As a result, for 13 years now, the search team K72 has found and repatriated more than 2,120 sets of remains of martyrs, and 234 of them were identified.
The above impressive figures are partly thanks to the whole-hearted support and assistance from the Cambodian locals.
It is unforgettable that in a morning in late 2008, Sahim, a 75 year-old woman in Kampot village, Ngon commune, Sandaan district, Kampong Thom province, told the team that she would take them to the place where Vietnamese troops were buried. Sahim said that in 1971, she knew that a Vietnamese unit buried four martyrs at a forest’s edge. Without knowing the unit’s designation or the martyrs’ name, she has been offering them incenses since then. “What I have done is to express gratitude to the Vietnamese troops who sacrificed for the independence of Cambodia”, Sahim said.
The elderly further said during the war, Vietnamese troops supported the Cambodian in overthrowing the genocidal regime, crops production as well as providing people with healthcare. They also instructed Cambodians on sanitation, disease prevention and farming and breeding techniques for economic development.
“Vietnamese troops are so simple, but very sincere and friendly. We always consider them our own relatives”, said Sahim.
Notably, in late 2010, when carrying out mission in Chongkrong village, Chongkrong commune, Chet Borei district, Kratié province, the search team K72 was introduced to Sampat who used to be side by side with Vietnamese troops by Mr. Lon, a Cambodian who carried rice to serve Vietnamese troops in the anti-American resistance war. Sampat at that time was suffering malaria and K72’s physician Senior Lieutenant Pham Huy Do, a non-commissioned officer, offered medicines to cure the disease.
Touched with K72’s sentiments, he tried to sit up and talked. He showed the team the place where around 50 fallen Vietnamese troops were buried in his village. They all sacrificed in 1970-1971 and in 1988-1989, a Vietnamese search team could find about 30 sets of remains of martyrs there. The search and excavation could not continue at that time as the Pol Pot’s genocidal regime was still operating actively in the area.
Sampat, despite of his poor health, volunteered to take the search team K72 to the place where fallen Vietnamese soldiers were buried. For him what he did was a token of his gratitude to the sacrifice of the Vietnamese soldiers for his people. This is also the common sense of the Cambodian people as well.
Thank to Sampat’s help, the team at that time could find 20 sets of remains of fallen soldiers.
There remain so many other touching stories about the whole-hearted support from Cambodians for the search team K72 but the two above-told stories are enough to prove Cambodians’ sentiments for the Vietnamese troops in general and for the units in charge of searching and gathering remains of martyrs in particular.
The sentiment, assistance and care of the Cambodian people are admirable as they have contributed to consolidating and promoting the Vietnam-Cambodia’s solidarity and time-honored friendship
The special traditional friendly relation has been built by bloodshed of the two nation. The two countries had been bound together to keep the independence of sovereignty and the survival of each country. The comprehensive cooperation must be upgraded to be stronger and more effective./.
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Vân Nhàn 14/1/15 20:32

Pol Pot who exercised leadership from 1975 to 1979, are still at large and share responsibility for the monstrous human rights abuses committed during this period

Phạm Hiếu 14/1/15 20:35

Vietnamese troops had helped Cambodian to overthrow Khmer Rouge, brought a new life for Cambodia and its people.

Hoàng Lân 14/1/15 20:37

In one of the cold war's proxy battles, the United States took China's side against the Soviet Union, which meant accepting the Khmer Rouge as the legitimate Government of Cambodia

Lê Tín 14/1/15 20:39

With the help of Vietnamese troops, peace had been secured for Cambodia and Pol Pot had lost any value in the power politics of the region

Huy Quốc 14/1/15 20:44

While Vietnam helped Cambodian build a new country, the Chinese were supporting Pol Pot. Oh, how good China was.

Quốc Kiên 14/1/15 20:47

Unfortunately, there are some anti-Vietnamese Cambodian groups, who is acting for their political interests and intentionally forget the truth of history.

Quân Hoàng 14/1/15 20:49

After the 1991 peace plan led to Cambodian elections, Pol Pot lost the protection of his major Chinese and Thai sponsors

Quốc Cường 14/1/15 20:54

During the battle with the Khmer Rouge, Vietnamese troops had been received a lot of support from Cambodian. The Cambodian always consider Vietnamese troops relatives.

Hùng Quân 14/1/15 21:05

Cambodian and Vietnamese are not only neighbors, we are also brothers, we share happiness and sadness and protect each others from any threats.

Hùng Quân 14/1/15 21:06

Cambodian and Vietnamese are not only neighbors, we are also brothers, we share happiness and sadness and protect each others from any threats.

Huy Lâm 14/1/15 21:08

I agree with Mr. Hung Quan, we are brothers and we will never hurt each other.

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