Bold as love between Vietnamese people

       The Spring 2015 - glory homeland programme in Ho Chi Minh city

More than a century ago, at the Nha Rong port (Ho Chi Minh Museum - the branch in Ho Chi Minh City), a young man named Nguyen Tat Thanh had left the country to seek ways to save the nation. In the evening of February 8th, at this historic site a special event named "Spring 2015 - glory homeland" was organized. This is emotional reunion for overseas Vietnamese (OVs) all over the world with bold love to homeland and the love between Vietnamese people in the holy time of Tet festival.
The spring with warm love for OVs
This is the first time the "Spring 2015- glory homeland" Programme was organized in Ho Chi Minh city by the State Committee for OVs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in collaboration with the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. This event was held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of overall liberation of the South, country’s unification and the historic place where Uncle Ho was leaving in search of revolutionary path to national liberation. In the warm spring atmosphere, on behalf of the Party and State President Truong Tan Sang attended the program, sent his best regard and wishes to Ovs on occasion of new Year Spring. More than 700 OVs living in Vietnam and many foreign countries and territories around the world had gather to welcome the “Homeland Spring”.
For nearly 10 years, the "Homeland Spring" has been held annually and specialized with traditional cultures of the country; and warmly welcomed by communities of OVs when New Year comes. This year's program included a lot of meaningful activities such as offering incense, visiting historical sites, putting carp back to natural environment, exchanging arts... These activities had not only brought happiness in the spring atmosphere, but also reminded of the nation's cultural values that are available in the hearts of OVs.
For OVs who had the opportunity to directly participate in the activities, this time was really a warm spring. Ms. Pham Thi Anh Thu, OV in France, couldn’t hide her joy to welcome spring in the country, she said that: "I went to France to study from the age of 18, then graduated the school, working and residing there. Each Tet festival, living far from Vietnam, I have had a desire that to be back home for Tet with my family and relatives. This year, received an invitation to attend the Spring homeland, I was thrilled and really hope for this day.” Before that, Ms Thu and more than 70 typical OVs had offered incense at Ben Duoc Martyrs Memorial Temple and visited the Cu Chi Tunnels. Ms. Thu said: "Seeing a lot of names of the martyrs engraved on the walls solemn, I realized clearly that our country had made huge sacrifice and losses for the independence, freedom and justice as we had now in our country. I wish our country will always be peaceful and stable to develop”.
Promoting overseas resources
In the country's achievements had gained recently in the fields of economy, society and culture, there is a big contribution of OVs community, who are living and working in more than 100 countries and regions over the world. Particularly in 2014, remittances sent back to Vietnam were about 12 billion dollars, in which $ 5 billion were sent to Ho Chi Minh City. From 2007 to 2013, remittances had been the second largest source of capital after FDI, higher than ODA. In total remittances, cash flow from OVs in the United States accounted for 57%, 9% from Australia, 8.4% from Canada, 6% from Germany, 4 % from France ... Previously, remittances were mainly focused on real estate investments, stocks and deposits, but remittances are now mostly invested in manufacturing and trading. According to the State Committee of OVs, the number of projects registered by OVs to date was in 2000, bringing the benefit of about $ 20 billion per year.
In the context of Vietnam's economy still faceing many difficulties, the investments and remittances from Ovs have actively contributed in promoting economic development and creating jobs for workers. Mr. Tran Van Canh, OVs in Belgium, said that: "I found that most of OVs are eager to return and contribute to the country. Not only having economic benefit but also bringing for the country modern technology, new thinkings and approaches”. Canh is a scientist in the field of agriculture, he had returned to the country since 2005 and participated in educational activities at homeland. He confirmed: "Giving our hand to build this country, we will get fruits in the future ".
During the seminar "Overseas Vietnamese  join with the whole country in integration and development", an activity in the framework of the Homeland Spring 2015, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vu Hong Nam, Chairman of the State Committee of OVs claimed that: "I wish the bloc of Vietnamese national unity will be strengthened and the communities of OVs abroad will be growing and prosperous, confirming its position and reputation in resident country. The Party and State will create favorable conditions to help OVs returning home to work, to live and building a strong Vietnam./."

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