Ukraine crisis: US revealing its “fox tail”

President Barack Obama admitted that the US has mediated in the transfer of power in Ukraine
The US government has always conducted a propaganda that Russian is invading Ukraine by "no number" armies ... But the Americans are gradually revealing evidence of their involvement in Ukraine crisis.
In March 2nd 2015, in an interview with CNN, President Barack Obama acknowledged that the US has brokered in the transfer of power in Ukraine. In other words, the US leader admitted that the coup in Ukraine in January 2nd 2014, which has led to serious consequences and caused many fatalities, had occurred with the direct organizational and technical participation of the US. Thus, Mr. Obama has rejected all previous claims of American politicians and diplomats, who has constantly asserted that Euromaidan was purely internal movement against the Ukraine regime of corruption of Yanukovych.
In an interview with CNN, President Obama tried to reassure the international community: "I’m not thinking that the US and the world want a real military conflict between the US and Russia". It means that Ukrainians should not expect official military and public support from Washington. The US leader said that Washington "has limitations on military intervention," "because the size of the Russian army" and "Ukraine is not a member of NATO."
So America will support Kiev in the usual way is to keep their activities secret, secretly offers counseling, weapons and ammunition to Ukraine forces who is ongoing an campaign to punish Donbass. However, by the openness of Obama, the formal negotiations on the supply of heavy weapons by NATO for Ukraine seems to be logical.
According to The New York Times, the former senior US officials have prepared a report calling the White House to provide lethal weapons to Kiev which worths $ 3 billion. The killing report determined that the purpose of this grant is the West to enhance curb Russia in Ukraine. Of course, this is nothing new - sooner or later, Washington will do it. Especially after Obama has publicly stated: "We have nothing to keep secret."
In February 10th, the TV viewers were shocked when CNN reported on the pro-American forces has been in Ukraine. When the presenter is talking about Mr. Barack Obama to consider the issue of providing lethal weapons to Ukraine, the audiences saw on screen the title: "The Ukraine crisis: Obama considering the possibility of providing weapons for pro-American forces."
Immediately, the reaction appeared on social networks as the comments: "I could not believe my eyes!" or "The mask was stripped!"
And yet, on February 11th in an interview with Vox, Barack Obama acknowledged that the US is regularly “tiding arms” of other countries to reach its goals in foreign policy. According to him, "the general trajectory, common goal" of US foreign policy "is a world in which the US continues to dominate." Obama declared that the US "cannot do any things" without "the most powerful armed forces in the world" and often "tiding hands" of others who are unwilling to do what we need ", with the support of the different attacks on economic, diplomatic, and even military areas."
Meanwhile, the accusation that Russian military was in Ukraine is an information war, which is actively conducted by the West. That is statement of Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Meshkov.
Journalist Robert Perry wrote in Consortiumnews that: US had amplified conspiracy theory of accusing Vladimir Putin had provoked the crisis Ukraine.
According to Perry, the US is lying about Ukraine crisis, just as they had lied about the war in Iraq when declared that Saddam Hussein had mass destruction weapons. The American journalist acknowledged that "true and smart thinking" itself suggests the crisis in Ukraine completely was not ignited by Russian President.
The American journalist said that the Obama administration is committed "big mistake" in the approach to the Russian president, and the attempt to impose on the public vision of "invasion of Russia" filled with the serious consequences./.

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