Vietnamese soldiers at integration time

During the 70 maturing years of our Army, Uncle Ho's soldiers are always close and beloved to all Vietnamese people and international friends. Uncle Ho's soldiers is not only a symbol of invincibility power but also the embodiment of earnestlypeace love. In 2014, that symbol was an evident in the new period when Vietnamese People’s Army firstly sent two people on duty of liaison officers in UN Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan.
Our country had ever gone through the long war for independence and freedom. All regions, all the adulation witnessed direct and brutal consequence from war, so none better than anyone else, the entire people of Vietnam and especially the generation of Uncle Ho's soldiers thoroughly understand the dignity of peace. Therefore, in the context of the current international integration, the Uncle Ho's soldiers in the UN Peacekeeping Mission has become our “ambassador of peace”. They represent our nation, the Vietnamese People's Army to areas of conflict in other countries, primarily as a friend and sincerely to give help.
The fact proves that, with the pure motive and well organized, the UN Peacekeeping Mission will get success. When people and the factions in the conflict consider UN Peace Keepers as friends, they will listen to us. Especially when they know that these officer come from Vietnam - the country suffered immense pains because of waging war, then surely they will trust those who have ever been in similar situation. Peace can only be established and preserved with love, empathy, impartiality and really justice. These factors are available in Vietnamese soldiers.
To contemplate the Uncle Ho's soldiers in uniform of UN Peacekeeping Mission today, we are proud and can also be slightly surprised about them because their new mission is brand new. Green beret with insignia UN Peacekeeping Mission and makeshift uniforms of the Vietnamese People's Army and image of Uncle Ho's soldiers beside soldiers of other nations in the mission is indeed new to many people. But that image also reminds us much worth pondering.
Joining the UN Peacekeeping Mission reflects new thinking of our Party and the State on international integration about defense sector. Vietnam contributes to ensure and preserve peace for the world as well as for us. Defense posture of Vietnam is now adding new elements for national defense strategy from a distance, through security and national defense cooperation in region and all over the world. In the context of globalization, Vietnamese soldiers working in the UN are responsible for Vietnam’s duty with the international community.
Joining the UN Peacekeeping Mission will help international friends to understand more about the defense policies of Vietnam. Since then, the trust as well as international support for Vietnam would be enhanced, the image of Uncle Ho's soldiers even more closely on the international arena.
Looking the soldiers in uniforms of peacekeeping force, their mothers, wives, friends... and generations of soldiers are more proud of them.

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Hùng Quân 12/2/15 16:42

We need to improve the quality of political and ideological education for officers and soldiers; constantly enhance the spirit of patriotism and completely awake to socialism; absolutely loyal to Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh ideology; put faith in the Party, socialist regime and educate political ideal, morality and good lifestyle of “Uncle Ho's soldiers” such those are key elements bringing about great political- spiritual strength of the Vietnam army.

Quốc Cường 12/2/15 16:43

Constructing political strong army also need to regularly maintain and strengthen solidarity and strict discipline as well as promote democracy.

Quân Hoàng 12/2/15 16:45

The Vietnam army is the revolutionary army, fighting for independence and freedom of the country, socialism and the welfare of the people. Hence, the military need to be solidary and help each other.

Huy Quốc 12/2/15 16:46

It is necessary to carry out democracy at grassroots level in army, which could bring into play democratic rights of personnel on military, political, economic activities and build comprehensive strong units. Promoting democracy is always tied to maintain strict disciplines dues to “discipline is the power of army.”

Vân Nhàn 12/2/15 16:47

Building up a regular army is a frequently and critically task, which is implement in all areas, levels and branches. This is the high unity of the revolutionary essence, militant goals and spirits; viewpoint, ideology on military themes; principles of organization, methods of education and training; the maintenance of regime and abidance by rules.

Lê Tín 12/2/15 16:49

In activities of organization and management, military officials must clearly identify the functions and responsibilities of each department and individual to construct the sense of responsibilities for their actions.

Huy Lâm 12/2/15 16:50

The VPA’s construction includes the reasonable permanent soldiers with high quality, large and powerful ones on probation.

Quốc Kiên 12/2/15 16:50

Military training must be carried out under the guideline “practical, basic, solid”, fighters are trained to be acquitted with weapons, proficient in combined operations.

Phạm Hiếu 12/2/15 16:51

In peacetime, continuing to implement the policy reducing troop strength, building reserve troops in cases of emergency and war. Troop strength is kept at streamlined units to ensure militant spirit. Gradually assigning logistics support activities to civilian organizations, restructuring the armed forced in favor of combat units, units performing important tasks.

Hoàng Lân 12/2/15 22:33

Long live Vietnamese People's Army!

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