UN calls for efforts to conclude an agreement against climate change in 2015


At the time of the summit about climate which is expected to take place in December in Paris (France) by the UN, Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has recently called on member countries to do our best to complete the progress made in 2014 for concluding a global agreement on climate change.
“The year 2015 is the time to act on climate issues, the pinacle will be in Paris in December” Mr. Ban Ki-moon said. “This is the year in which the member States at a special summit in September will approve an agenda of global development, including a set of universal goal” - he added .
The senior leader of the United Nations also called on member states to seize the opportunity in order to give decisive, harmony and changable measures to build a safer and more equitable, durable world for ourselves and the people who come after us
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon highly appreciated the significant progress in recent months on the issue of climate change, especially at the climate summit in September 2014.
“I think we need everyone. I am very pleased to see what has happened: the government and leaders in financial and business sector as well as civil society groups at the meeting to announce the important new measures to reduce emissions and enhance resilience” the UN Secretary General stressed.
This conference also provided the necessary momentum in the field of financial investment for climate when the leaders of public and private sector committed to use more than 200 billion USD by the end of 2015 to finance the reduction of carbon emissions and climate change.
Developing on this momentum, the parties to the Convention of the United Nations Framework on Climate Change has made significant progress in Lima in December 2014, in particular to lays the groundwork for the agreement on gas in the future. Also in 2014, many countries pledged 10 billion USD to contribute the initial capital of the Green Climate Fund. I urge all countries have committed their contributions as soon as possible to fund fully operational before the Paris conference and invest priorities for the project.

According to the senior leader of the United Nations, important progress in 2014 has paved the way for success in 2015. Our challenge is clear: to complete a remarkable global agreement on climate change and developing countries must define a clear path to achieve the goal of 100 billion USD per year by 2020.
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