The President and journeys to remote areas

                   President Truong Tan Sang talking with officers and people in Central Highlands

Spending much of care to the farmers and fishermen, in recent year, President Truong Tan Sang has made lots of far journeys to remote areas, where the life of people is very difficult.
The journeys has left many interesting stories in the movement of building new countryside and shipbuilding to help fishmen stick to their work, raising the living income and preserving national sovereignty on the sea. The feeling and attention of the State President has left a deep impression in the hearts of the people at the first meeting with the head of state.
Into jungles” to build new countryside
If you close your eyes and just use your ears to feel, you will think this is a story between two old farmers. The South farmer and the North farmer are discussing about raising a cow.
The South-accent farmer asks: “In this mountainous area, can you earn 1 million per month?”
The North-accent farmer answer: “My home is raising two cows. After one year and a half it lays. The calf worth 15 million. So each month, I earn 2 million for my wife and I.
That’s very ok!”
The South-accent farmer: “So after 5 years, you can change your life with just initial investment of 20 million.”
Then he said louder for more people around could hear him clear: “All of you can see, we help each household one cow, just 5 years later they could changed their life. I hope the next time I come hear, each household will have 5 or 7 cows.”
The North-accent farmer: “Absolutely, next time President comes here, my house will have a herd.”
This is a true story, which happened at the ending days of the Lunar Year in Tan Lap village, Tan Trao commune, Son Duong district, Tuyen Quang province. The North-accent farmer is Mr. Hoang Ngoc, 75-year-old veteran and the South-accent man is President Truong Tan Sang. The warm conversation between them was recorded when the President was visiting to motivate people to build the new countryside program.
At the conference on the results of the new countryside program in three communes of Tan Trao (Tuyen Quang), Vinh Thach (Quang Tri), in late January 1.2015 President announced that according to the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - standing office of the National Steering Committee for the construction of new countryside President has lobbied a number of agencies, units and businesses to support the three commune to reach standards of a new rural commune and become typical ones, having spreading effects and contributing to rural development movement of the whole country.
“Down to the sea” to hear the voice of fishermen
During 2014, President Truong Tan Sang has made 5 journeys to coastal areas. He has met not only provincial leaders, but also talked to the fishermen at remote areas. In April 2014, President came to Tam Quang commune, Nui Thanh district (Quang Nam) and Ly Son outpost island (Quang Ngai) to hear the most vivid stories of people who are fishing on the traditional fishing grounds of Paracel and Spartly Islands (Hoang Sa and Truong Sa). In May 2014, the President visited the island District Co To (Quang Ninh province). In September, the President went to remote island of Tho Chu island, Rach Gia district (Kien Giang) that is south pole of the country. He also came to Con Co Island (Quang Tri)...
It’s very normal when a president takes care and come to areas of the country, but it’s special that President Truong Tan Sang is very close and understand the real situation of the place he’s visiting. A lot of fishermen, who’re living in remote island, have never had a chance to see district and provincial leaders, but now they’re talking and shaking hands with the President of the country and tell him their daily lives stories and suggestions. The care and closeness of the President is the motivation and creating trust for the people.
Then, right after that, the government had implemented a series of new policies related to economic - social development for coastal areas, which was very specific, detailed and close to the pressing needs of the local people. Particularly, the Gov had implemented quickly the policies which related to the loans for building new iron-shell boat, the preferential conditions for the development of seafood exploiting and processing, helping fishermen have comfortable conditions and to be self-confident to work at the sea, clinging sea... This has created the consensus from the central to local levels. Everyone have realized that the policies had come partly form the President’s journeys to the local areas, especially the remote areas./.
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Phạm Hiếu 23/2/15 21:57

President always takes care the daily life of ordinary people, especially who has much difficulties in their lives.

Lê Tín 23/2/15 21:59

the President said that though the commune had met all 19 criteria of the Government's new rural area program, the people should not feel satisfied with the status, but they should promote their advantages for communal development.

Hùng Quân 23/2/15 22:00

He also urged the commune to solve problems with raising seedlings and breeding, developing local handicrafts and creating employment.

Huy Lâm 23/2/15 22:03

He also presented gifts to the people

Quốc Kiên 23/2/15 22:06

Our Party and State leaders are so great, they are close to the people to understand and share difficulties in daily life of the people.

Quốc Cường 23/2/15 22:08

I agree with Mr Kien, they have to spend much of their time for the job and vey little for their family.

Vân Nhàn 23/2/15 22:13

I myself really admire Mr Truong Tan Sang for his work and care for the poor people

Hoàng Lân 23/2/15 22:16

So do I, I love the leaders not the bosses

Huy Quốc 23/2/15 22:19

The highest goal of the Party and State's to bring prosperity and happiness for the people.

Quân Hoàng 23/2/15 22:22

Following the leadership of the Party, our country will get what we hope, I strongly believe that.

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