Why is Belgium a central to recruit jihadists?


Among Al-Qaeda forces and the Islamic State (IS) in Syrian and Iraqi, the most fanatical warriors from Europe are the young Belgian Muslims. This phenomenon is more evident after the death of two suspects in the campaign against terrorism on January 15th, 2015 in Belgium. According to analysts, the difficult integration of immigrants, ethnic divisions and the illusion in a part of young Belgian towards terrorist organization are the reason why Belgium become a center to recruit jihadists from Europe...
When France and the whole world were shaken for Charlie Hebdo Newspaper terrorist attacks committed by the name of God A-la, then in Belgium, the police discovered a plot to attack at large scale. Monitored and tapped subjects were three Islamic militants who had just returned from Syria. This terrorist group has headquarters in an old bakery, armed with pistols and AK47 rifles. According to several witnesses, the police found closer, the soldiers had opened fire but not withstand the counterterrorism force. After that, two suspects were killed, the third one was arrested.
According to Reuters , if the attack in Paris confirmed concern for years that France was considered radical Muslim subject to retaliation, on the other hand, the Belgian was the country which provide personnel for the largest jihadist forces in Europe, as a percentage of the population. From late 2011 to the end of 2013, about 300 Belgian citizens went to Syrian and Iraq. Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said, among returning soldiers there were 101 people are being monitored closely.
Currently, Belgium is pursuing a major case against members of the organization named Sharia4Belgium in the largest ever anti-terrorism court in the country. Prosecutors have accused 46 people of this terrorist organization to take people to the Syrian for fighting and is expected to make a judgment in February. Sharia4Belgium is an important factor to make Belgium emerged as a source of extremist militants in the Middle East when enrolling potential jihadis from the countryside of Belgium and then taking to the Syria. On January 16th, Belgian police arrested a Belgian teenager after discovering his intends to join the jihad in Syria. This is the latest example of the state of adolescents with extremist ideology alarming in Belgium, put this country on the frontline in the fight against terrorism in Europe before the terrorist threat from domestic and influenced by Islamic militants.
The question raised that why does Belgium become the center to recruit Islamist militants? According to Washington Post of the United States, like other European countries, Belgium is suffering the effects of the less effective implementation of the policy on integration of immigrants. Many members of the Muslim community in Belgium said that the best long-term protection for the country will only come from efforts to improve integration policies for immigrants, not from the measure to enhance security. They exemplified the veil had been banned in 2012 eventually led the Muslims even more discontent. According to estimates, Muslims accounted for 6% of the population of Belgium and a number of people, including those who have families have lived here for generations, they face long-term challenges in a country where many Catholics, the newspaper said.
In addition, the unemployment rate among Belgian immigrants are always higher than the other subjects. Researcher on Islamic terrorism, Mr. Matthew Levitt explained that Brussels is internationally known as the headquarters of the European Union (EU) but the rate of unemployment in the suburbs up to 50%. Moreover, the divergence between the Dutch-speaking Belgians and French-speaking Belgians also resulted in a patchwork of policies on education, social welfare and even security. These factors have led the young immigrants disappointed and when people feel lost all hope in the future they will become prey to the terrorist organizations, former Belgian Minister of Justice Laurette Onkelinx said.

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Quân Hoàng 26/2/15 11:55

The Belgian teenager was determined to join the jihadist fight in Syria — so much so that, after his nation’s authorities rolled up an alleged militant cell

Hoàng Lân 26/2/15 11:57

They tried to advertise it was the ultimate place with swimming pools and easy living.

Hùng Quân 26/2/15 11:58

Authorities believe about 100 of the Belgians who have gone to fight in Syria have since returned home. Some of them were among the group of alleged plotters arrested in recent days.

Quốc Cường 26/2/15 11:59

Muslim youth who feel cut off both from broader Belgian society and their ancestors’ cultures are especially vulnerable to radicalization.

Huy Lâm 26/2/15 12:00

The Islamic State is giving them what the Belgian government can’t give them — identity, structure

Phạm Hiếu 26/2/15 12:01

the Belgian government looked the other way when people started going to Syria. That was at a different stage of the conflict, when it appeared to be an extension of the Arab Spring pro-democracy revolutions.

Quốc Kiên 26/2/15 12:02

many Europeans traveled to Syria not out of a desire for jihad but simply because they loathed its longtime leader, President Bashar al-Assad, and wanted to contribute to his ouster.

Lê Tín 26/2/15 12:02

Then the conflict evolved, with an increasing role played by Islamist militants seeking to build a caliphate — but Europeans kept flowing there.

Vân Nhàn 26/2/15 12:03

Belgian authorities are worried that some will come back radicalized and launch violent attacks at home. That has prompted them to take far tougher measures to prevent people from heading to the fight.

Huy Quốc 26/2/15 12:05

It’s clear that the things happening in Paris and the things happening here accelerated his thinking.

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