Vietnam, US to bolster ties

The 20th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and the US in 2015 presents an occasion to further relations, stated US President Barack Obama while receiving the newly-accredited Vietnamese Ambassador, Pham Quang Vinh, on February 23.
The bilateral comprehensive partnership established during State President Truong Tan Sang’s visit to the US in July, 2013 created a framework for reinforcing the affiliation between the two nations, especially in economics, security, maritime capacity, climate change response and environmental protection, education, and human rights, he said.
Noting that Vietnam-US ties have seen impressive growth over the past two decades, President Obama said the US hopes to bolster the relationship both bilaterally and regionally, including collaborating on the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the promotion of common interests for stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region, he said.
The US President also expressed his hope that the two nations would continue strengthening their friendship and mutual understanding, while addressing their differences in an open and straightforward manner.
For his part, the Vietnamese ambassador highlighted the value of the economic partnership in the growing bilateral ties, as the US is now the leading partner and export market for Vietnam with trade reaching US$36 billion in 2014.
Meanwhile, affiliation in science and technology also saw a breakthrough with the effective civil nuclear co-operation agreement, he said, adding that partnership in education and interpersonal exchanges have expanded with over 16,500 Vietnamese students studying in the US, the highest number among the ASEAN countries in the North American nation.
Bilateral defence-security co-operation has also strengthened with the US loosening its weapon trade embargo on Vietnam, said the diplomat. He also noted that both countries have effectively collaborated at multilateral forums in the region and internationally.
Looking forward, the two sides will look to co-operate in politics, defence, security, science and technology, education and interpersonal exchanges, said the ambassador.
He held that both sides share a common strategic interest in the successful development of the ASEANCommunity and promotion of the association’s central role in shaping regional structures.
Vietnam and the US should also work closely in regional forums, including the East Asia Summit, the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum, the ASEAN Regional Forum, the ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting, the Lower Mekong Initiative, and United Nations forums, he suggested.
The ambassador also took the occasion to convey State President Truong Tan Sang’s open invitation to President Obama to visit Vietnam this year, proposing that both sides prepare for Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s visit to the US.
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Phạm Hiếu 25/2/15 15:30

Viet Nam and the United States should mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations by further strengthening ties in several key areas, officials of both countries say.

Quốc Kiên 25/2/15 15:31

Economic, trade and education ties as well as people-to-people exchanges should be a major focus of this effort, they agreed during a four-day US visit by a Vietnamese delegation that ended yesterday.

Huy Lâm 25/2/15 15:33

U.S. relations with Vietnam have become increasingly cooperative and broad-based in the years since political normalization

Quốc Cường 25/2/15 15:34

The new partnership advances key initiatives to bolster U.S.-Vietnam relations and underscores the enduring U.S. commitment to the Asia-Pacific rebalance.

Lê Tín 25/2/15 15:35

The partnership provides a mechanism to facilitate cooperation in areas including political and diplomatic relations, trade and economic ties, science and technology, education and training, environment and health, war legacy issues, defense and security, protection and promotion of human rights, and culture, sports, and tourism.

Quân Hoàng 25/2/15 15:37

Vietnam is a partner in nonproliferation regimes, including the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, and takes advantage of expertise, equipment, and training available under the Export Control and Related Border Security program.

Huy Quốc 25/2/15 15:38

The United States and Vietnam have signed an agreement on counternarcotics. The United States and Vietnam hold a regular dialogue on human rights.

Hoàng Lân 25/2/15 15:39

Since entry into force of the U.S.-Vietnam bilateral trade agreement in 2001, trade between the two countries and U.S. investment in Vietnam have grown dramatically.

Vân Nhàn 25/2/15 15:40

The United States and Vietnam have concluded a trade and investment framework agreement; they also have signed textile, air transport, and maritime agreements.

Hùng Quân 25/2/15 15:41

The two countries, along with other Asia-Pacific nations, are part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, with the goal of concluding a a high-standard regional free trade agreement. U.S. exports to Vietnam include agricultural products, machinery, yarn/fabric, and vehicles. U.S. imports from Vietnam include apparel, footwear, furniture and bedding, agricultural products, seafood, and electrical machinery.

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